Stop, Whoops

This happened a while ago, but the picture’s too good to leave languishing. I call it “Whoops.” Looks like someone had an awful night.

I’m still in recovery. Having a book slide out so easily does not, unfortunately, mean the recovery process is shorter. If anything, it’s longer, because the flywheel takes more time to spin down. Or so it seems.

Be careful this weekend, my beloveds. There’s a heat wave on, and tempers are short this time of year. I’ll be hiding in the dark cave of my office, sucking on ice cubes or limeade, trying desperately not to develop heat prostration or a rash.


2 thoughts on “Stop, Whoops”

  1. A spraybottle and a handfan get me through a missouri summer, an electric fan if It’s affordable that month. Also, set an alarm in the morning for just as it starts to get light and open all the upper windows except one and use a box fan( 24″x24″) to pull cold/cool air into the house and push the warm air out. Shortly after the sun rises and/or the breeze coming in is not cool shut all the windows except for a 1″ crack at the top to let warmer air out. Also consider putting draft blockers at the bottom of the outside doors. Consider closing off rooms that heat up first and stay in the cooler rooms. It is cooler near the floor, consider a hammock rather than an insulated/cushioned surface. Several lukewarm/cool showers rinse off sweat and reduce core temperature. If a basement is available it is usually much cooler, being more exposed to deeper ground temperatures.
    Still a spray bottle and a handfan cause enough evaporative cooling no matter the humidity to keep relatively unmiserable.

    • In the one window that does not have the upper window open, open the lower window and put the box fan in and pull the window down to steady the fan and turn it on high, pulling cool air INTO the house. That helps push the warm air out of the open upper windows and builds a pool of cooler air in the lower part of the house. (Remember to use the draft blockers at the doors to keep the pool of cooler air within the house.)
      This usually works till about 3pm.
      Then I can do stuff in the cooler basement. Or go some where air conditioned. Or take a shower.

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