A brand-new serial adventure!

New Rome perches upon the shores of the Thamis River, and in its soot-stained depths a teeming mass of humanity lives under the iron fist of an Empire that never fell to Vandals or Christianity. In the shadows, assassins congregate and secret societies bloom—the Priory, dedicated to worship of the criminal Dead God, and the Hellions, thieves and murderers whose aim is mere freedom.

Or so they say.

Gemma Dove arrives in New Rome with a small independence, not to mention a burning desire to gain revenge upon those who murdered her parents and drove her beloved aunt to a premature death. The city is a dangerous place, but Gemma has her own secret skills and isn’t afraid to use them. She longs to complete her vengeance and return to her safe, beautiful estate across the Channel, but fate has other ideas.

Avery Black was born into privilege, but nobody would imagine such a thing of the man they call the Rook. The young Hellion has sunk himself in vice and treachery, and he knows there’s more to Miss Dove than meets the eye. He also knows she’s playing a dangerous game, one that will end in her death—unless he takes a hand in matters. It might even be connected to his own vengeance against the Priory, but that’s fast becoming a secondary consideration.

Under soot-stained skies and flickering gaslamps, from the crowd of thieves and gin-soaked tenements to the glittering whirl of Society, plans, treachery, and counter-betrayal are afoot. Gemma and Avery can deal the Priory a stinging defeat, but that ancient organization has its own plans for Miss Dove, and the Rook might be her only defense…

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