Strange Angels

I didn’t tell Dad about Granmama’s white owl. I know I should have…

Traveling from town to town with her father, Dru Anderson has never been “normal.” She’s got “the touch”, and her dad relies on her to zero the weird so that they can clear it, fighting the weird and the deadly so the regular nine-to-fivers can remain oblivious. Still, it’s all she knows, and it’s a good life…until her dad goes hunting family secrets and ends up dead but still walking.

Now Dru is alone, stranded in an ice-locked town, and the things that go bump in the night have decided to hunt her. They know her name, they know she’s survived–and now Dru needs every ounce of her strength, smarts, and skill to unravel her family’s secrets, plumb the depths of her own memory, and oh yeah, deal with that American History teacher. If she’s strong enough and fast enough, she might just stand a chance.

And if she’s really lucky, she just might live past midnight

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