Frequently Asked Questions


Is that your real name?

Yes. It is not a nom de plume or de guerre.


Is there a sixth Strange Angels book?

No, there is not. The series ended as it had to.


Will there ever be another Steelflower book?

Yes. As of November 2017, Steelflower’s Song will be available in print. There are no plans for ebook editions. Book 3 of the series, Steelflower in Snow, is currently being written.


I sent you an email/Tweet/Facebook message/package and you didn’t respond!

I am very sorry I can’t respond to everything Readers send. My contact page explains why.


Where did Selene go?

Selene has been resurrected! It was offered chapter by chapter as a free online serial, which has been taken down preparatory to the ebook’s release.


Glocks don’t have hammers! Also, cordite!

Several of you have caught that Glocks don’t have hammers. Yes, this is true. In my defense, I thought that in a world with Weres, scurf, and hellbreed, a slightly-altered gun design wouldn’t be the hardest thing for the Reader to accept. I thought other problems were bigger. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. I wanted a hammer for dramatic effect, Jill wanted a Glock because she likes them. I struck a bargain.

I’m only glad it wasn’t with Perry.

I just wanted to tell you guys that yes, you’re smarter than me. But you deserve to know I’m not a total idiot. Timeline issues and picking the wrong word in That One Notable Instance? Oh yeah, that was all me. Especially the occasional timeline burp in Hunter’s Prayer, because I wrote that book first and Night Shift afterward. I’ll own that.

As for cordite: Gunfire has, to me, a peculiar and acrid scent; “cordite” is an easy way for me to express that to general readership even though it’s not used as a propellant anymore. When I say it, the average person gets a sense of the scent I’m speaking of. Should I do so? Probably not. But I do.


Where is SquirrelTerror?

The original SquirrelTerror stories are now available in book form! The adventures of my current backyard denizens can be found under the SquirrelTerror tag on my blog.


Will you read my story/play/novel/poem?

I regret that I do not have time to offer free reading or editing services. I have also stopped offering editing packages through my website, for various reasons.


Can you send me a print (or electronic) book for review?

I’m afraid I cannot. The time involved, not to mention postage, makes it impossible for me to do so with the number of requests I receive. If you would like a review copy of one of my books, please contact the publisher.


Can you send me swag? (bookmarks/book flats/posters)

Once again, I cannot. I do not have any swag or promotional items to give away. Getting rude about it will unfortunately not get you anywhere either.