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A Latte’s Worth

For the price of a good coffee, subscribers get a once-a-month sneak peek, deleted scene, a deeply-annotated scene from a book already on the shelves, or something else equally fun. ($2.99 a month on Gumroad, or $3 a month on Patreon. Note that this option doesn’t include serial access–for that, you’ll want Nest Egg or the serial page itself.)


Crow’s Nest

Want peeks behind the writing curtain? Each week (generally on a Thursday) you’ll get at least one PDF sneak peek. It could be a deleted scene, an annotated bit of a book already out, or a scene from a work in progress. (Beginning at $4.99 a month on Gumroad, beginning at $5 a month and above on Patreon. You can go with the Nest Egg option to get a little more–like access to the in-progress serial!)



I also have a Patreon, if that’s your jam. You may get more from the other options, but some people really like the ease of Patreon, and we’re all about choices here at Chez Saintcrow.

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I have a Ko-Fi page and a LiberaPay option, for those who are so moved.

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