Many of my readers have asked for subscription options (that aren’t the Roadtrip Z serial). After lots of consideration and quite a bit of research, I’m happy to report success!

A Latte’s Worth

A once-a-month sneak peek, deleted scene, a deeply-annotated scene from a book already on the shelves, or something else equally fun. ($2.99 a month)

Crow’s Nest

Want peeks behind the writing curtain? Each week (generally on a Thursday) you’ll get at least one PDF sneak peek. It could be a deleted scene, an annotated bit of a book already out, or a scene from a work in progress. There’s no telling what you’ll get–and you can go with the Nest Egg option to get a little more… (Beginning at $4.99 a month)


I also have a Patreon, if that’s your jam.

Donation Options

The options below are for those who just want to throw a bit in my tip jar monthly. (Please note there are no rewards for these options!)

PayPal Donation Subscriptions

Last but not least, I have a Ko-Fi page and a LiberaPay option, for those who are so moved.