The re-release of the serial went so well, Selene–and both the prequel and sequel short stories–are now available collected in one volume.

Life isn’t easy for a sexwitch. Even your own body betrays you. It’s bad enough that Selene is part slave to Nikolai, the Prime Power of Saint City, but she’s got her brother Danny and she’s got her job at the college. In the postwar wreckage of an uncertain world, it’s pretty much all she’s ever allowed herself to want.

Then Danny ends up murdered, and Selene finds herself a pawn in a dangerous game. Indentured to a bloodsucking Nichtvren and helpless, told to stop trying to uncover the identity of her brother’s killer, Selene has nowhere to turn. If she’s a good girl, Nikolai will leave her a little bit of freedom. He’ll take care of her, and she’ll be safe–if she obeys.

But Selene hasn’t survived this long by being obedient to her cursed powers, or to the men who buy her time. Her brother was all she had, and now she’s ready to borrow, beg, lie, steal or kill–whatever it takes to avenge him.

And if Nikolai gets in the way, Selene will use every tool in her arsenal to make him regret it…

Available direct, through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, Google Play, or independent bookstores.

You can find the soundtrack for the book here.

Note: A big thank-you to Peggy (aka “beaduni”) for sending me a Word copy, and getting me started on thinking that maybe I could resurrect it. Thanks, Peggy!