Soundtrack Monday: Wondering Where the Lions Are


Just what do you play to get into the mood when you’re writing a were-wolverine? For me, it was Bruce Cockburn’s Wondering Where the Lions Are, which I played somewhat obsessively while writing Taken.

Longtime Readers will remember Taken‘s working title was Weasel Boy, since Zach (the hero-of-sorts) travels with his very small family of were-wolverines, doing odd jobs, until an upir attack introduces them to Sophie. It’s actually Eric, one of the cousins, who’s a Bruce Cockburn fan, and the song really has no relation to the book other than the mention of lions and the singer’s desire to melt into a beloved. It being Cockburn, of course, there’s also an undercurrent of social justice.

It being a Monday (and what a Monday, I’m down with the flu and shivering with fever while I type) I might as well give a two-fer; in the beginning of Taken, when Sophie and Lucy are getting ready for their night on the town, what should be playing but the Pretenders’ Brass in Pocket, that anthem of girls’ night out everywhere? You can probably even hear an echo of it in Lucy’s dialogue.

Enjoy! And I hope your Monday is better than mine–or at least, less feverish.