Writing Advice

I get reader mail all the time asking for writing and publishing advice–so much, in fact, that if I tried to answer it all I’d have no time for my own writing, or even breathing. Fortunately, though, I do have a couple repositories (other than my blog) you can plumb!

The best, most up to date resource is going to be Haggard Feathers, my writing advice Substack. One post per month is absolutely free; paid subscribers get access to all posts (a new one every Tuesday) and an open thread with yours truly once a week too.

The Quill & the Crow

I also have a book of collected essays on writing, The Quill & the Crow, Vol. 1. Volume 2 will have to wait for a bit.

While I do participate in some mentor programs, I do not take new mentees or editing clients from email solicitations. I may sometimes (rarely) answer a general question in a blog post if enough people ask through my contact page.

Most of the time, my effort and energy is better spent–you guessed it–actually writing. And no, I cannot introduce you to my agent or help you get published. Nor can I introduce you to the model featured on some book covers, even if I did know them personally (which I never do). You can find the answers to other common questions on my FAQ.