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Falling was only the beginning…

Jenna Delacroix is determined to keep her life as simple as possible. Maybe if she tries hard enough to be normal the nightmares and strange occurrences plaguing her all her life will finally recede. But then the monsters arrive—and with them, the man who says he’s her protector.

Lonely and disciplined, Michael Gabon is just a grunt in the Legion’s endless war, but now he’s stumbled across something special—a living, breathing Incorruptible, the first one he’s seen in more decades than he can count. She’s also being hunted. And now, so is he.

On the run without backup, the diaboli haunting their trail, their only hope is working together. Even that might not be enough, because the unclean seem to know more than they should. Whether it’s treachery or bad luck doesn’t matter to Michael. The only thing he cares about is seeing his Incorruptible safe…

…no matter who–or what–he has to kill.

Available direct, and through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, or independent bookstores. Print edition available here.

You can also download and read the first six chapters for free.

PLEASE NOTE: The printer/distributor for this title has been shipping copies with the correct cover but a different book entirely inside. This is a printing error the author has no control over and the printer/distributor refuses to take appropriate action to fix. If you should get one of these, PLEASE don’t leave a one-star review! Simply return it to the seller and request it be replaced, which it should be with no charge. You could even email the printer/distributor and let them know their refusal to fix this is not a good business decision.

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