Soundtrack Monday: ANGEL TOWN

Angel Town Redemption Alley and Heaven’s Spite were too painful to have soundtracks. Or, to be more precise, they have soundtracks, but every time I listen to them I’m reminded of the awful time I had with both books. Jill wasn’t the only one feeling a bit battered by the end of Heaven’s Spite.

Angel Town was just as emotionally difficult, but it completed the circle for me. And by the time I finished writing it my personal life had calmed down somewhat, too–or at least, I was certain I was going to survive. (It was touch and go for a little while.) So, in a very real way, the ending of the series, while painful, is also very hopeful for me. I know what happens to Jill, Saul, and the crew afterwards, of course…but I don’t know if I’ll ever write that. Maybe it’s better to just let her rest.

And now, the soundtrack!

In My Own Grave Sweet Talk, The Killers. If the hunters have an anthem, this is it.
Caretaker Michael Dirty Hands, Bear McCreary. The thing about hellbreed is, the other side is just as bad.
Perry/I Know You Somehow Let’s Never Stop Falling In Love, Pink Martini. Perry has a fondness for cabaret music.
Theron/Get To The Barrio Starbuck Takes On All Eight, Bear McCreary. Theron just can’t keep his mouth shut.
Anya/Where Did You Go? Wrong, Sister Machine Gun. Anya takes no prisoners. She’s named for my editor.
Saul Bring On the Wonder, Sarah McLachlan. Again, if Saul and Jill’s genders were reversed, nobody would ask the nasty questions I get asked about them.
Galina In The House of Stone and Light, Martin Page. Galina’s such a gentle soul.
My Dear Kiss Darn That Dream, Billie Holliday. The awful thing is, Perry loves Jill, at least as far as a creature like that can love.
Suiting Up Back In Black, AC/DC. The original, and still the best.
The Pattern/Betrayals Love the Way You Lie Eminem/Rihanna. “Your pattern blows. It hurts innocent people.” “It is all we have.”
Kismet’s Theme Ebla, E.S. Posthumus. This will always be Jill, to me.
As Long As Saul Survives I Walk the Line, Johnny Cash.
Call The Hunters Niveneh, E.S. Posthumus.
Hyperion’s Gambit/Argoth Pompeii, E.S. Posthumus. I listened to this over and over again during the writing of the final battle. You can hear the point at which she flings herself into the hellmouth…
Nothing Could Be Worse Than Losing You Crossfire, Brandon Flowers. I won’t lie, it’s mostly the video that makes this one.
Driving Into The Desert Paris, Texas, Gotan Project. A girl, her boy, and her dog, driving into the sunset.

Book Playlist Monday: FLESH CIRCUS

flesh-circus I’m going a little out of order here, mostly because the playlist for Redemption Alley reminds me of where I was while writing that book, and it’s not comfortable at all. Maybe next week I’ll post that one.

Anyway, Flesh Circus was an odd book to write. Mostly because I would start writing circus scenes, and then realise I couldn’t insert them because they weren’t in Jill’s POV. I do have an idea for a related project–a set of short interconnected stories about a circus of the damned–but that will have to wait for a while. Some of the bits I wrote might get recycled into that. *is thoughtful*

Anyway, here’s the playlist! And for the record, I find calliope music so goddamn creepy it isn’t even funny.

The Cirque’s Hostage Twelfth Street Rag, (on calliope)
This Is My Town Trouble, Elvis Presley
Papa Legba, Close The Door Haven’t Got Time For The Pain, Carly Simon
An Attack On The Cirque Kitten Pig, Pentaphobe
Perry/Business With MY Hunter U.R.A. Fever, The Kills
Jill and Saul No Ordinary Love, Sade
The Woman has The Advantage Big Wheel, Tori Amos
Once A Catholic Girl Only The Good Die Young, Billy Joel
Mama Zamba Marionette, Chris Spheeris
Hyperion’s Smile Solitary Man, Neil Diamond
A Horse Just For Me Let Me Call You Sweetheart, (on calliope)
Do You Still Need Me? I’ll Be Waiting, Lenny Kravitz
I’m A Hunter Sweet Talk, The Killers

Booty Monday

I cannot stop listening to this.

If that doesn’t go goddamn viral, I shall be VERY DISAPPOINTED.

And of course it couldn’t be a Booty Monday without this.

Let’s also get a little Fette’s Vette in there, too…

Shake that thing, because hips don’t lie. Seriously, people who don’t get blown away by Shakira don’t know how difficult it is to do some of the isolated hip moves…

Happy Monday! Remember, every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top…

Soundtrack Monday: NIGHT SHIFT

Nght_shift_23 You guys have been so patient. Almost, dare I say it, Perry-patient. (You can’t see it, but I’m wearing an evil grin.) And before I get started, if you’ve written to me about Glocks and hammers, go here.

Night Shift was actually the second Kismet book I wrote–the first was Hunter’s Prayer, so NS was more of a prequel than anything. My editor wanted to know how Jill and Saul met, and I spent about ten minutes telling her about the Cenci case, and she finally sighed and said, “Look, Lili? Just write me that book.”

So I did.

Readers may find it interesting to note where Cenci’s name came from. Also, I had a series of Harp and Dom books in my head, but they never quite jelled. Harp never blamed Jill for Saul’s choice, she’s not like that…but Jill never knew. And that’s all I can say about that.


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Soundtrack Monday: To Hell And Back

| violin | And Soundtrack Mondays are BACK! Today it’s the track list for [amazon chan=default&asin=0316001775&text=”To Hell And Back”].

I was exhausted physically and emotionally by the end of the Valentine series. It was an incredible ride, but I was so tightly locked into Danny’s POV that it took me some time to recover. Not to mention, my marriage was well and truly on the rocks but the divorce was a ship on the horizon, I was almost killing myself trying to save the relationship on my own. (Pro tip: that never works.)

Fun fact: this book was supposed to be titled The Devil In Love, after Jacques Cazotte, but I was overruled. This was one of the few times I’ve bowed to an editor’s insistence on something that really mattered to me, because said editor had cogent reasons and a track record of not pushing me unless it was hella important. Given the number of [amazon chan=default&asin=015603283X&text=”The Club Dumas”] and Ninth Gate references and Easter eggs all through the series, I felt really insistently that Devil in Love was the right title. To me, the book remains DIL, but the editor had the final say. Maybe she was right.

Dante Valentine Won’t Back Down, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers This was, is, and will always be the theme song Danny and I share–the one thing we agree on, as it were.
A’tai, hetairae A’nankimel’iin. Diriin. Virtue, Jesse Cook
My Word Is Broken The Road To Hell, Chris Rea
Not Anubis, But Sekhmet Fallen, Sarah McLachlan
You Betrayed Me First Here Is Gone, Goo Goo Dolls
There Is No Mirror It’s No Good, Depeche Mode
I Am Your Fallen Savin’ Me, Nickelback This one veers between Danny and Japh’s viewpoints. Guess which is which.
Konstans-Stamboul Gypsy Rhapsody, Bond
Sephrimel’s Agony, Japhrimel’s Strength Born Yesterday, Rob Dougan Japh’s frustration with Dante reaches epic proportions. One imagines Sephrimel and Inhana had similar issues.
The White-Walled City All That I Am, Rob Thomas
It Was Burned Away In Hell Special, Garbage
Or Learn To Leave Them Unsaid It Doesn’t Matter, Alison Krauss
Throw The Dice You Can’t Lose-A Me Cholly, Leadbelly
Paradisse Run For It, Delerium
The Vegas Waste Head Like A Hole, Nine Inch Nails
Not All The Hosts of Hell, Just One Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie
A Promise I’ll Keep Nothing At All, Rob Dougan

And that about wraps that up. Yes, I didn’t put the Saint City Sinners soundtrack up. I don’t think I’m ready to yet. That book still makes me cry. Next up: the Kismet series!

Soundtrack Monday: Devil’s Right Hand

Windows “But wait,” I hear you say. “What about Dead Man Rising?”

DMR is one of the few books I didn’t do much of a soundtrack for. The entire book was so painful, from plumbing the depths of Rigger Hall to Jace’s misguided heroism, Eddie’s bravery and Polyamour’s too, and Keller’s final sacrifice, that I just didn’t want to. It remains one of the most emotionally difficult books I’ve written to date, partly because of everything that happened inside it, partly because of everything happening in my life while I wrote it, and partly because of my fears that I wouldn’t be able to do Danny’s story justice. Dante’s aching grief through most of the book has a counterpart in my own life, my homage to a memory.

The Valentine series isn’t really a quintet, it’s more of a duology followed by a trilogy. Devil’s Right Hand was when we found out that the game had been deeper all the time, and Japhrimel really started to show the fact that he was not and never would be human, for all that he loves Dante and will protect her–even, in some cases, from herself. Her stubborn, very human tenacity, while it allows her to love such a creature fiercely and with absolute devotion, is also one of the things that drives him to horrible lengths trying to keep her safe. Right Hand was where I started figuring out just how alien Japh is, and how he didn’t (and never will) think the way a human man does.

I suspect this is a lesson Dante won’t ever learn, and part of the attraction she holds for him.

Anyway, onto the music!

1. In Novo Taliano (A Gift For My Hedaira) Lovers in Dangerous Time, Barenaked Ladies (cover of a Bruce Cockburn song)
2. Dante and Anubis Solsbury Hill Peter Gabriel
3. The Prince Has Called This Is Hell, Elvis Costello
4. Abandoned, Again Flowers Become Screens, Delerium
5. Freetown New Prague Go It Alone, Beck
6. I’m Your Man (Lucas Villalobos) Katana Groove, Tomoyasu Hotei (If you listen very hard, you can hear Lucas laughing at the end of the track.)
7. Vann & McKinley Attitude, Hardknox
8. Velokel To The Shock of Miss Louise, Thomas Newman
9. Dante & Japh Sparring (Angry Enough) The Echo Game, Shigero Umebayashi
10. Dante vs. Lucifer Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie (In the very beginning you can hear Eve. “What are you thinking about?”)
11. Eve Silicone, Mono
12. The Devil’s Right Hand The Hand that Feeds, NIN
13. Dante vs the World Cost of Freedom, Experiment (One of the scenes that didn’t make it into later books was Danny almost killing both Vann & McKinley in a factory.)
14. Eve and Lucifer Life In Mono, Mono
15. Lucifer’s Game I Alone, Live
16. Do Not Doubt Me, Dante Silence, Delerium

Soundtrack Monday: Working For The Devil

piano I keep promising to do soundtrack posts for you guys, don’t I?

Music is a pretty integral part of my writing process. Books have soundtracks I listen to over and over again while writing. I usually burn them to CD and keep them in a collection just in case. (Computers have a habit of eating playlists. Om nom nom.)

So I figure on Mondays I’ll post a soundtrack, and I’ll shift the Pliny Train to Wednesdays. That will give me time to read further between posts, since getting that done on weekends doesn’t happen what with all the cleaning and the kids’ social events.

So, without further ado, let’s start with Dante Valentine! Here’s the very first iteration of the Working For The Devil playlist. (There were eventually four versions, but this is the one I listened to during the actual writing.) I’ll link to YouTube where I can, but other weird musical stuff may not be found there. Sorry about that.


1. Jaf Appears Goodnight, Moon Shivaree
2. Remembering Doreen/You Would Call Me Friend? Virtue, Jesse Cook
3. Dante and Death Witness, Sarah Maclachlan
4. You Will Not Leave Me To Wander Alone The Heart Asks Pleasure First, Michael Nyman
5. Santino/Nightmare Boudicea, Enya
6. Eddie Thornton Woo Hoo, The
7. Nuevo Rio Terra Firma, Delerium
8. Slicboard! Galaxy Bounce, The Chemical Brothers
9. Kiss For An Old Boyfriend, Danny? Summertime Killer, Luis Bacalov
10. Dante & Jace Duel Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood/Santa Esmerelda Suite, Santa Esmerelda & Leroy Gomez
11. You Can Be The New Madonna A Silhouette of Doom, Ennio Morricone
12. I Am Your Fallen Take This Life, Mandalay
13. Blood Is What I’m Tracking Tiburon Citrino, L.S.G.
14. Those Are For Santino Battle Without Honor or Humanity, Tomoyasu Hotei
15. Attack On Santino’s Lair, Dead Souls, NIN
16. Cinnamon Ash/Jaf’s Dead Ne Me Quittez Pas, Nina Simone
17. Return to Saint City Temple, Beverly Klass
18. Jace/I’m Staying I’ll Be Your Lover, Too, Van Morrison

Film aficionados will realize that Danny Valentine owes a great debt to the first Kill Bill movie as well as Alex Proyas’s Dark City and The Crow. Tarantino has a genius for soundtracks and dialogue, even if he’s sometimes very messy structurally.