Free Block

I keep repeating it to myself these days.

There’s a distinct subset of the “demotivational” graphics I’m making lately, all essentially saying the same thing.

You can probably tell I’ve been using the block button a lot lately. It’s not worth dignifying a troll or a Well-Actually Man with a response. It gives them what they want–attention–and wastes your time. Far better is to deplatform the mofos, in whatever way, and move merrily on with one’s bad self.

“But what about FREEZE PEACH?” I hear some of them howl. “You’re CENSORING MEEEE!”

Whatever. Freezed Peaches do not guard against Consequences, and a consequence of being an asshat in my mentions is getting blocked. They can go bleat their hateful bullshit on their own timeline, and stay out of my aquifer. I don’t need that poison, and neither do any followers I might have.

I used to just mute, but nowadays, my eyes narrow and my finger hovers over the block button at the slightest provocation. I have no problem building a “bubble” of decent people; I choose not to hang out with bigots, trolls, and Reply Guys. And it’s rather nice.

Anyway, this is the energy I’m carrying into the weekend. As usual with any of these graphics, feel absolutely entitled to right-click, snurch, and re-use at will. They’re 100% free Ultra-Fungible Tokens. (Their bases are also free over at Canva, and it’s rather soothing to create them.) Have at it, enjoy, and block whomever you please.

Happy Friday!

Sweary Fun

…yup, that tracks.

I’ve been playing around on Canva this week, messing about with free graphics and learning about their editing system. This is my very absolute favorite thing I’ve made so far. Every time I look at it I grin; I was unprepared for just how therapeutic I’m finding the whole process. There’s just something about sweary text next to a cute graphic that soothes me.

It’s Friday. We’ve survived another week and are in February now. Plague time continues to be stretchy, bendy, and weird; I feel like New Year’s Eve was just last night. Perhaps it’s the semi-persistent insomnia. In any case, we’re heading for the weekend. There’s one more Tea with Lili this week; I’m looking forward to solving some of the audio issues.

Sigh. It’s always something.

Be gentle with yourselves, my friends, and each other. We’re all a bit frazzled right now, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll get better anytime soon. But at least we have little amusements, like sweary de-motivational graphics.

Over and out.