If It Fits…

I was chopping up (for recycling purposes) the box my new desktop came in, and Sir Boxnoggin, Lord van der Sploot, was extremely interested. He is somewhat of a feline canine, if one can be said to exist: If it fits, he sniffs; if he sniffs, he sploots.

And then he returns to canine: If he fits, sniffs, and sploots, it’s time to CHEW.

Fortunately I rescued the box before he could consume more than a token fragment of cardboard. Gods only know what this dog would eat if I wasn’t constantly watching him. He’s like Odd Trundles 2.0, but of Slightly Bigger Brain.

Enjoy your weekend, my dears. And remember: every once in a while, we all need to destroy a box just for the sheer joy of it.

Deeper Levels


I just had to laugh. Dear gods, Astrology App, do you think I do anything else?

I have to say, the notifications from this particular app have made me break down laughing on a regular basis. It’s been sorely needed merriment, indeed.

Here’s to having a good weekend, my friends–and to giving as much access as you prefer, ever and always.

Fermentation Giggles


These silicon disks with vents in the middle are known as “pickle pipes“, but I call them “fermentation nipples” because, along with sounding more scientific, it makes me giggle like a schoolgirl each time I say it. Or type it. Or even think about it, frankly.

They fit on any wide-mouth Mason jar, and the nipples (*snork*) allow gases created by fermentation to escape while not allow oxygen in, so you get that lovely anaerobic reaction. I have a HUGE crock for making sauerkraut, but these will do for smaller batches, leftovers from filling said huge crock, and experimenting with things like carrots, cucumbers, and other ferment-able veggies.

Singing “Like a Pickle” to the tune of “Like a Virgin” and dancing around your kitchen giggling hysterically is entirely optional, but I think it makes the results taste better.

…sorry, I can’t stop laughing. Enjoy your weekend, chickadees.