Need That Extra Coffee

autumn falls... There’s a new Selene up–Chapter Eight. We’re almost through Part One! The site slowness we’ve been having here at Chez Saintcrow is a server issue that is being tracked down, I’m told, so soon I won’t be getting multiple 500 errors when I try to make a blog post. GRRRR.

Also, I’m over at the Deadline Dames today, talking about harmful silence in publishing. (It’s not what you think.)

Last but not least, I found out (finally) that Smashwords isn’t going to distribute SquirrelTerror through Amazon, as Amazon keeps pushing back the dates for mass distribution through them. I am puzzled by some of this, as the option is there on their list of channels with nothing saying “hahaha we don’t really mean it YET”, but the problem is easily remedied. Yes, I’m braving the chilly waters of KDP for SquirrelTerror. Because I love my Readers. (Hey, Vollzin–the ebook should be available for Amazon Brazil.) (ETA: Look! It’s live! SquirrelTerror is now on Kindle!)

There was also a slight problem with the paper edition, but that’s been fixed now too. Suffice to say I’m not surprised by the fact that wrinkles have begun cropping up everywhere now that we’re getting the book into distribution instead of editing and proofing. This is why publishing companies exist, because if I had to do this with every book I’m pretty sure I’d soon lose my mind.

Well, what little I have left, anyway.

I planted Spring Green tulips and fire-engine-red hyacinths today. We’ll see what survives the winter. If the squirrels don’t dig up the bulbs, and if Odd or Miss B don’t decide to play a game of “let’s dig up what Mum buried in the yard”, it should be pretty awesome.

And now, onward to revisions. I’m going to need that extra coffee I just made…

SquirrelTerror Release!

Squirrel!Terror And now, ladies and gentlemen, ebook SquirrelTerror is live!

You can get all different ebook formats at Smashwords currently. It’s live at Barnes & Noble and Kobo, and on Apple. Amazon, Sony, and other platforms will have it available as soon as their backlog clears. Further availability bulletins as I get them. We’re in the final stages of getting the paper edition cleared for takeoff as well, dealing with cover templates and last-minute proofing.

Also, yesterday was Wednesday, so there is a new chapter of Selene up.

I still have a sore, scratchy throat and a case of exhaustion, even though I slept like a stone last night. Yesterday I made green tomato pickles, green tomato salsa, fried green tomatoes (are you noting a trend? I had a glut of them.) and decanted some sauerkraut as well as refilled the fermenting crock. That pretty much ate up the whole day, and that salsa? I could eat it with a spoon, it’s so good. I modified this recipe a bit–caramelized the onions first, added some ground chipotle pepper and only one jalapeno, because I like it on the mild side so I can taste the tangy. I used one of the preserved lemon rinds I put up a little bit ago instead of zest and juice, and used cumin seed instead of ground cumin. It’s just plain marvelous.

Today I’m working on revisions for the third Bannon & Clare book as well as eyeballing a draft for the collection of my writing essays. Slowly…plodding…forward. I probably have to make a list, or I’ll get nothing else done today. Bleargh.

BUT. SquirrelTerror is out. The paper book is alllllllmost finished. All in all, I’m feeling pretty spiffy today, in between sucking on cough drops and pouring ice water down my throat. I’ll keep checking to see where else the ebook is listed, and will update this post (and the book page) as more places pick it up. So exciting!

So Many Choices

Twenties tango / Cutler, Chicago copied by photographer Sam Hood for a theatre It’s Wednesday–that means a new chapter of Selene is up! Some exciting stuff coming down the pike for that story, but I can’t say anything just yet. Also, with some of the above-and-beyond cash from the SquirrelTerror Indiegogo (still ongoing, you can still get a free copy of the ebook before release as a contribution perk) I’ve hired the fabulous Skyla Dawn Cameron to format and edit old writing posts–ones that had been lost in the hacking and in other various disasters, and recently recovered–into ebook form.

We all know how I feel about books of writing advice, but so many people ask me when I’m going to collect and release those posts I decided to do it. In the process I found out I’ve written a LOT about the process of writing, the various weirdnesses of publishing, and related things. It used to be every Friday I’d do a writing post, but I stopped for a long while, figuring nobody was interested anymore.


Anyway, that’s on the slate, and some of the ISBNs I bought in bulk will no doubt go toward that. (The SquirrelTerror Indiegogo really is proving worth its weight in gold, making it possible for me to consider a lot of things.) I’m also kicking around other ideas–a serial for Wattpad, among them. Certain stories I can’t tell in trad publishing might be a good fit for that platform. The only consideration is time, really. Time is money for a freelancer, and though I may have space in my schedule occasionally for a labor of love, it’s by no means a constant thing. Between the mortgage and the cavies (holy crap those little guys eat a lot), Mama’s got bills to pay. Oh, and there’s the kids, who like eating and keep growing out of their clothes. So this is going to require careful thought and scheduling.

Anyway, I’m kicking around a lot of ideas right now. I should dig in the graveyard and maybe brush some stuff up. Hrm.

*wanders off, muttering to self*

Squirrel Update!

Don't let the sun go down on your grievances The bringing of SquirrelTerror to paperback proceeds apace–so much paperwork in order to get a quality product! It makes me view small presses in a new light, I tell you.

As for the SquirrelTerror ebook, it’s up for preorder at Barnes & Noble and Kobo. Of course you can preorder all sorts of ebook formats on Smashwords, too. Amazon, Sony, and other platforms will have it available after its release date. I’m told it’s up at Apple too, but I can’t find a link. So exciting! The Indiegogo campaign is still live, and one of the many perks is a free copy of the ebook edition. (Just sayin’.) So far your contributions have backfilled what I’ve spent on editing/formatting, as well as ISBNs for the physical book (and other projects); the rest of it’s been set aside for finalization of the paper book and the beginnings of two all-new, sooper-sekrit projects. (They’re only sekrit for a short while, don’t worry.)

If you chose a free ebook as a perk and have not received one, please contact me! Two or three contributors have email addresses that bounced hard when I tried to send them their perks. Please, please drop me an email if you haven’t received your ebook perk! I want to make sure you get what you contributed for. Also, I have to get over to the Ragged Emporium and get some more designs up. More SquirrelTerror stuff, I think…and maybe some Selene stuff too. I don’t know yet.

The sunrise out my office window is a spectacular one today, and it’s just about time for me to shift over to revisions for the third Bannon & Clare book. I have the trailer-park fey book to finish before the end of the year too, and a trunk novel that I’m still enjoying picking at. Re-editing Selene is giving me…ideas…as well. I have to dig up old contracts and see if the short stories bracketing the serial novel can be put in a paper book…in short, things are busy here, just the way I like them. I am officially prepared to kick Tuesday’s ass.

Over and out.

Too Damn Hot

Thank YouIt’s Wednesday, so a new chapter of Selene is up! Also, SquirrelTerror is moving forward on the paper book front. If you contributed to the Indiegogo campaign and selected a perk, you should have already received your free copy of the SquirrelTerror ebook. If you didn’t, please email me! There are a couple contributors whose emails have gone a little wonky, and I want to make sure you get your perk!

And yes, Indiegogo contributors get the ebook early. SquirrelTerror’s official ebook release date is October 3; it will also be available in the Apple store, on Kobo, at Amazon, for the Nook–basically, everywhere, or as close to everywhere as I could get. Some of the campaign contributions went to buy a chunk of ISBNs today, so SquirrelTerror will have one to stick on the finished book. I’m still wondering if I want hardcover in addition to paperback. Choices, choices!

I finished a short story yesterday–it’s for an anthology based on some of Clive Barker’s work. More I can’t say, except that I hope the editor–and readers–like it. I was just plain giddy at the chance to be involved.

It’s going to be well over 90 today, which for us pale PNW mushrooms is way over on the “too hot” side of the spectrum. I’ve page proofs (for Wayfarer) to eyeball, so it’s time to crawl to the couch with some sharpened pencils and get cracking on that.

Harvest Season

autumn falls... It smells like autumn this morning. Leaf mold, rain-wet, and the brass-colored note of harvest season.

And SquirrelTerror is funded! I am still blown away by the response. There are still perks left, so you can still get in on those before the end of the month. Anything over the initial funding amount will go toward extending SquirrelTerror’s reach (a paper book is going to come out now!) and anything over that will go to similar projects–namely, getting re-edited Selene into ebook form, and getting together my old writing posts, and maybe re-editing smoke and mirror

But in the meantime, well…you can pre-order SquirrelTerror in ebook form. Note that I’ll be sending out the free ones for perks before the release date. So if you picked a free SquirrelTerror as your Indiegogo perk, you’re going to get it, for free, before anyone else.

If you’re doing anything similar, and looking for cover art etc., I can recommend Skyla Dawn Cameron without reservation. She also does freelance formatting and editing work for a very reasonable price. So if you’re wondering who I’d turn to for help with all these projects, it would be Skyla–who, incidentally, is the one who found out about the SquirrelTerror plagiarism. (Basically, she’s the reason we have SquirrelTerror now.) I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Let’s see, what else is going on? A company creates a toy meth lab for Breaking Bad fans. Also, American football may have helped kill Jack Kerouac. I have also decided that when I hit menopause I am going to quit all hair removal efforts, and use the time I’ll save to become a t’ai chi master.

That last one isn’t quite news, but it’s a fact.

Happy Monday, you guys.

Selene, Daily Deal, And More

Selene It’s Wednesday, which means a new chapter of Selene is up!

Also, the Iron Wyrm Affair is a Nook Daily Find today–just $1.99!

Concerning SquirrelTerror–we’re 80% to our goal of funding it. The response so far has been amazing, and the keychains seem pretty popular. (One of the campaign perks is a free keychain along with a free ebook of SquirrelTerror when it comes out.)

Speaking of…what sorts of things would you, dear Reader, like to see in my Zazzle store? I’m open to ideas. Since I’ve been playing around with Photoshop, iMovie, and stock footage a lot lately, I’m a bit more confident putting stuff out there. I’m thinking of a Shoeless and Screaming mug, if I can find the right graphic to go with it…