RELEASE DAY: Spring’s Arcana

That’s right, my beloveds–the first book of The Dead God’s Heart is now out in the world! You can attend the virtual launch party with Yours Truly, too.

Spring’s Arcana

Nat Drozdova is desperate to save a life. Doctors can do little for her cancer-ridden mother, who insists there is only one cure―and that Nat must visit a skyscraper in Manhattan to get it.

Amid a snow-locked city, inside a sleek glass-walled office, Nat makes her plea and is whisked into a terrifying new world. For the skyscraper holds a hungry winter goddess who has the power to cure her mother…if Nat finds a stolen object of great power.

Now Nat must travel with a razor-wielding assassin across an American continent brimming with terror, wonder, and hungry divinities with every reason to consume a young woman. For her ailing mother is indeed suffering no ordinary illness, and Nat Drozdova is no ordinary girl. Blood calls to blood, magic to magic, and a daughter may indeed save what she loves…

…if it doesn’t consume her first.

This is the way to the Dead God’s Heart.

Now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and independent bookstores

The soundtrack for the series is available here.

I began writing Nat’s adventures waaaaay back during lockdown. It’s so weird to finally have them percolating out into the wider world–and honestly, I’m pretty sure Nat herself arranged for launch day to be just after Beltane. (She’s like that.) If you want to test the book out a bit, here’s a free excerpt. And if audiobooks are your jam, you can listen to a sample here.

The duology’s second and final book, The Salt-Black Tree, will be out in August, so you don’t have long to wait. In the meantime, I’ll be hiding in a corner hyperventilating as I always do on release days. At least until the launch party gets going…