Concrete Soul, Amid Roses

Just hanging out, watering the roses.

This week saw a field trip to a local lilac garden, and by chance (or by good planning) we went on the only dry, sunny day. I ended up mostly taking pictures of camellias, since the lilacs were just starting their bloom; as we were leaving I spotted this lovely lady amid roses and rhodies recovering from winter, and had to run back to grab a snap.

I love fountains, and garden statuary. (Just call me a Renaissance girl.) I couldn’t talk to her–there were other people around, and they tend to look askance at some weirdo mumbling to concrete even if it does possess a soul–but I did tip her a cheeky wink, and I think I made her day. I wonder if there are fish in her pond? Probably not, since it’s close to a river and cranes or herons (not to mention the corvids) would consider that small pool easy dredging for a snack.

I’m 160-ish pages away from the end of the proofs, and once I finish them I go straight into revising Book 2 of the trilogy. I’m seeing patterns and structure I had no idea were happening earlier, as I do each time at this point in writing a multiple-book-arc, and can only shake my head at the bloody Muse and her tricks. It’s a strange thing, feeling one’s mind is not quite one’s own. Sometimes it’s fun, but there’s always an edge of “what the hell is going on inside this skull I’m carrying around?”

Today will be busy, between proofs and livestreaming and oh yes, getting the subscription drop out, not to mention Friday Night Writes. I suppose I’d best down this coffee and get started.

See you next week, my beloveds.