A Camellia Chore

Camellia? I barely even know ya!

The cherries, the plums, the forsythia, and yes, even the camellias are in full bloom. This particular bush hangs over a fence taller than me, so getting a snap–craning my neck, with Boxnoggin tied to my waist–was a chore. But it was so pretty I couldn’t resist.

I haven’t quite recovered, but it’s back to work nonetheless. Revision on Sons of Ymre #2 have to happen, and right after that it’s a second round of queries on another manuscript. All this furious activity must have a payoff somewhere down the line, right?


In any case, today it’s Reading with Lili and Friday Night Writes. Also, you can read an excerpt from the upcoming Spring’s Arcana, which releases May 2. (And oh dear gods, I’m already nervous as a nine-tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs about that.)

Onward at full speed. But…maybe not until after coffee…