Soundtrack Monday: Delirium


It’s another Soundtrack Monday! I’ve told you guys about this one before, but I can’t find the exact blog post. Ah well, sometimes one is allowed to repeat oneself.

Way back when I was first writing Steelflower, I had a lot of instrumental music on the book’s playlist. A great deal of Kaia coalesced during obsessive playing (and replaying) of Euphoria’s Delirium through my headphones. (There’s a separate musical group named Delerium, too whose stuff goes on that playlist too. And yes, the playlist is still active, though I might have to dig out a couple old CDs to get some of the older tracks, I think.)

You can hear very clearly Kaia and Redfist’s hasty leaving of Hain–Kaia light on her feet, loping through city streets at dawn with a barbarian giant rumbling in her wake. You can even sense the point at which Kaia bribes a postern-guard to let her and the big red one out early, and they’re vanishing down the road into the countryside with that peculiar ground-eating stride all sellswords learn. I think Redfist has no idea the trouble he was saved by landing in the Steelflower’s capable (though occasionally light-fingered) hands that morning.

I’m thinking a lot about Kaia and her crew lately, and selecting yet more music for the series’s master playlist. But first, the zero of Hell’s Acre has to be done…