Moving (Candy) Target

Staying in bed reading was the right choice yesterday, getting up and out the door the right one today. Each section of sunlight is a ding-dang moving target; I keep getting ambushed by “important” or “urgent” things that are, alas, not writing. This is, as one can imagine, deadly frustrating since it’s writing that pays the bills–however imperfectly, it must be admitted, but still.

In any case, it’s the day before candy goes on clearance, so I’m anticipating tomorrow with a vengeance. High fructose corn syrup and cheap chocolate? Amen and hallelujah, sign me up.

Several commuters’ cars had snow melting atop them as Boxnoggin and I walked by. Fortunately we haven’t frozen here, and later in the week looks chilly-damp but not icy. It’s not quite “go home, February, you’re drunk”, but it’s close. The cherry tree down the street hasn’t blossomed yet either. It’s usually very early, but perhaps the biome has changed with all the neighbors taking out their trees. If they keep up the deforestation our entire hillside might slide right into the river, but pointing that out to anyone is a losing battle.

Nobody will listen until too late, if at all. Story of my life.

In any case, the morning run went well and I have the next few scenes in my head. Of course I need to get the kidnapping attempt in a whole other book eyeballed, and maybe some wordcount on that too. Plus all the “urgent” things hanging fire in my inbox. The volcanic irritation is nobody’s fault, I just want to be left alone to write, for godsake.

The elvish city has fallen and the inhabitants are fleeing. I have an artifact of great power to dispose of in some fashion, and–like I said–a kidnap attempt in a whole ‘nother story to get arranged as well. I suppose being busy keeps me out of trouble and off the streets, but I’d’ve preferred another morning reading in bed.

Wouldn’t we all, I’m sure. I suppose I’d best get this iron box opened and the artifact inside it exposed to the open air for the first time in mortal centuries. I’m sure this will end well for everyone involved…