A Very Short (Rattlesnake) Sale

I don’t often post on Wednesdays, but I had a few minutes and there’s a one-day sale going on. Today (February 1, 2023) only, Rattlesnake Wind–my “Baba Yaga in Wyoming” book–is $1.99USD in ebook through certain retailers.

Rattlesnake Wind

The first night we spent in that ancient mobile home, the wind mouthed its corners with a low whispering almost like words from another room.

Desiree Sarpe and her family–minus their domineering, abusive patriarch–have settled on the Wyoming plains, where the wind speaks, the grass whispers, and power comes in the strangest, most ordinary of forms. Unfortunately, the past and its terrors can’t be easily shaken, and Dez is about to find out how brutal, bloody, and costly magic really is…

Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google, and Kobo.

The soundtrack for the book is available here, too.

The book has a teenage protagonist, but it is definitely not a YA novel. (I should be very clear about that.)

And now I have an elvish city to sack, and hopefully enough caffeine to get me there. See you tomorrow…