Belly Medicine

Feeeeel the relaxation.

Sometimes one just has to slither to the office floor, let the dog know you’re ready for a good skritching session, and laugh when he throws himself on his back to demand you get that one spot right under his armpit. He ended up drooling while I gave his undercarriage a thorough dry-scrubbing, and by the time I stood up to dust myself off both of us had immeasurably improved moods.

Well, my mood was improved. Boxnoggin’s holds rather steady all day, except for when there’s something cat- or rodent-sized to chase. Then he becomes all business instead of hundred-percent goofy good nature. Unfortunately letting him chase anything ends in heartbreak, broken fencing, injury, or just an almighty mess, so he doesn’t get to do it that often. (Unless it’s inside with a small stuffed toy impersonating a victim.)

Anyway, I managed to use my free hand to take a snap of his utter, drooling joy, and thought I’d share it with you. May the relaxation and enjoyment beam out of the picture and get you through Friday into the weekend, my beloveds.

See you next week.