Halloween Desires…Known

In honor of spookytimes, October will see several sales! And the first one’s a real doozy–that’s right, my genie-and-accountant Halloween romance is just $2.99USD for the month!

Desires, Known

A ring. A man. A centuries-old secret.

To accountant Emily Spencer, the junky thrift-store ring is perfect for her Halloween costume. A few too many drinks, a slip of the tongue, and all of a sudden there’s a guy calling her mistress and demanding to know her desires. If she just ignores the weirdness, it’ll go away, right?

Wrong. Hal is a creature of almost limitless power, eternally bound to serve the owner of the ring. Though modern technology is puzzling, he has no difficulty deciding he likes being out in the world again. Even if he has to train a reluctant but undeniably attractive new mistress.

Unfortunately, the man who lost Hal’s ring so long ago is still around—rich, unscrupulous, and more than a little insane. He’ll try anything—deceit, treachery, torture—to regain control of Hal. Anything at all.

Including murder…

Ebook available direct, at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, or Google Play. (Paperback available here, though not on sale.)

This book holds a special little place in my heart, mostly because of the scene where Hal and Em are at the library. Writing a genie discovering the romance section was an outright ton of fun. (Gotta amuse yourself in this business; it’s the only way to stay relatively sane.)

But that’s not the only thing going on this month!

Ghost Squad News!

The second Ghost Squad book, Duty, is out on October 21! Those of you who liked Klemp in Book 1 are going to love this. And to celebrate, that selfsame Book 1–Damage–is $.99USD in ebook from October 15, 2022 until Halloween!


Reeling from trauma and divorce, Cara Halperin takes what should be a simple job with an expensive agency. As a nanny to rich children, she shouldn’t have much to worry about, and her job is just complex enough to keep her from brooding. Unfortunately, the agency’s sent her into a trap.

Vincent Desmarais wants to go back into the field, but instead, he’s put on leave. The diagnosis? PTSD. No problem–he can pick up security work on the side to keep himself sharp–that is, if the side work isn’t just as dangerous as the bloody places he’s longing to get back to.

When the lights go out, Cara and her young charge have only one option: to trust the new security guy. Vincent finds himself unwilling to abandon them to fate or let them out of his sight. If the trio wants to stay alive, they’ve got to trust each other. . .

. . .but that may just be what their enemies are counting on.

Available from Barnes & Noble, Apple, Amazon, and Kobo.

Not only that, but The Complete HOOD box set is 30% off at Kobo, if you enter the code “OCTBOX” at checkout. This sale is going on until the 31st.

And the Kobo Spooky Stories Finale is going on, where the Complete Roadtrip Z–all four seasons of the serial–is 67% off. That’s right–four whole books’ worth of Ginny, Lee, and the gang for only $4.99USD until October 31. (You don’t need a code for that particular sale, just click and pay.)