Rain, Immanent

The Demon's Librarian

I spent a great deal of time yesterday catching up with a few things like reading Varney the Vampyre to you madcaps (which will be up on YouTube later today) and narrating the first episode of The Pearl. Then I was playing with Filmora to get the video component all arranged, and things just mushroomed.

It was all necessary catch-up, but now I feel behind. Or even more behind than I did, which is saying something. I may even (gasp!) have to telescope down some of the projects I’m juggling, or stop doing the weekly teas, or…I dunno. I like the mix of stuff I have going on right now, but I also feel a tiny bit overwhelmed.

Waiting until the caffeine soaks in is a good idea. Rolling out of bed and popping back into video editing “just for a few minutes” has done me no favors at all. But at least the day’s work is cut out for me–loading subscription stuff since I’ve lost all the work-ahead cushion I had there, figuring out the conversation between Gemma, Avery, Sampson, the Greatfather, and possibly Brother Jacob, continuing revisions on Cold North, and various other tasks. I might be able to squeeze in some more recording time near the end of the day, or after dinner.

I can’t believe my life now includes “narrating Victorian spankings”, but here we are.

At least it’s a lovely grey morning. Boxnoggin is napping, since he hasn’t heard the sigh that means I have lifted my coffee mug and found it empty. Once I make that habitual, unconscious noise he’ll haul himself up, stretch, and trot down the hall to nose me in the direction of brekkie. He’s been eager for walkies all week, and very tired when we get home afterwards.

The birds have been acting like rain is imminent–short flutters from one branch to the next, singing particular twittering arias, and just generally being excitable. The cedars are dancing in a way that means rain soon too, and the squirrels are busily burying everything resembling food they can lay their tiny claws on. There have been bursts of petrichor, too…

…but no actual precipitation yet. The clouds simply don’t have the oomph for it. We’re so close, it’s maddening. And yet I need to get the deck sorted before it gets too damp and we’re not having bloody hot days anymore, so I should be grateful for those (rather large) mercies.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print, I suppose. There is one lone swallow of coffee left in the mug and I can almost sense Boxnoggin’s ears pricking, ready to catch that involuntary sigh. I suppose getting started on the day is in order.

Courage, my friends. It’s only a Tuesday, and we outnumber it…