Zorro Friday

Please note that yesterday, due to a combination of calendar and technical malfunction, I accidentally sent a notification for next month’s sale. Sorry about that, my bad–we’ll have to wait for September!

Look at this Very Good Gentledoge.

This is Zorro, the CCO (Chief Canine Officer) over at Belle Books. Belle is a great romance press; they took over ImaJinn when the head publisher there passed on. They’ve always been wonderful to me; I adore their entire office staff, especially the great Mx Ireland, who does graphics for the monthly sales and sent me this photo a little while ago.

Zorro’s likes include treats, skritches, and long afternoons spent reading. I’m not sure if he has any dislikes, other than the lack of treats and skritches. But I do know Zorro is a gentledoge, a scholar, and a Very Good Boi. And it looks like he has excellent taste in books!

Yesterday I read the rest of The Eye of Argon on-camera, and today’s Tea with Lili will be all about writing romance. Before that I have to walk Boxnoggin (who would very much like to make Zorro’s acquaintance, but an entire continent lies between them, alas) and run my own sorry corpse. At least the heat has abated somewhat, though we did not get more than a light misting of anemic rain.

We’re finally at Friday, my beloveds. I wish you a very pleasant day, and an even more pleasant weekend.