Time and Amusement

Woke up with Joe Cocker playing inside my head again–all weekend it’s been Bye Bye Blackbird, which features rather heavily on The Dead God’s Heart soundtrack. Not only that, but it played while I was driving home t’other day, all the windows down and sixty mph roaring through. It’s a song for end of summer; I think I’ve also had my last Pink Floyd until next spring.

I just can’t listen to the latter when the nights are long or the days are grey.

The morning is quiet, Boxnoggin is very ready for walkies but has prioritized a nap on my bed first. He even got a bath this weekend, poor fellow. He dries very quickly, slick-coated gentleman that he is, but good heavens he haaaaates not being stinky. I could run him through the mud with the hose and he’d be chuffed, but warm water and soap? Get thee behind him. Fortunately he also knows there’s no use in protesting–if Bailey couldn’t weasel her way out of getting bathed he has no chance, and I think she probably informed him haughtily of that at least a million times.

There’s a great deal of work to get done this week. I also have to test the new microphone for streaming/reading. My daughter is absolutely THRILLED that I’ll be reading at least the first chapter of My Immortal. I still don’t know what this thing is, though she’s given me a link; I will, like with Eye of Argon, go in completely cold. The only thing I’ve been told about this is that it’s a piece of fanfic, so…I don’t know quite what I’m bracing for, but it’s sure to be something.

I also found out who sent me Edmund the King Raven–one of my lovely beta readers took credit, so I have thanked her kindly. (You’re a peach, J.P.!) I think he might help me with this reading fanfic-thing. We’ll see.

The new microphone means I might do some other tracks, just reading Victorian erotica in a soothing voice. If all goes well that may be one more side project I offer, but I’m going to have to test to make sure I can keep a straight face through some of it. I know I’m a champion–my kids absolutely trained me to Olympic level on that front–but I suspect some bawdy bits of The Pearl might undo me. Ruining half a dozen perfectly good takes with giggles will put rather a damper on the whole project, since the time investment will become prohibitive even if the amusement factor is high.

But I’m thinking about it, my beloveds. My brain is full of ideas.

The day’s work is pretty much cut out for me–Gemma and Avery have a bit of a walk in Hell’s Acre, and the second Sons of Ymre is heading for the finish line. I need to write the lead-up to the great crisis now, since the couple from the first book have shown up and that will kick off the endgame. If I can get through reasonable wordcount on both I’ll drag out the new microphone and do a few tests. It’ll be nice to stream without my headset on, but first we’ll have to see if this works.

Always a catch.

There’s also walking Boxnoggin to be dealt with, and getting my own corpse run before the heat builds. I’m beginning to think I have a shot at catching up to a couple deadlines, and maybe even as a whole. That would be a welcome change from the first half of the year. I’d love to feel like I’m not all the way behind and desperately scrabbling.

Targets are acquired, Monday is on notice. I suppose I’d best get to toast before the morning gets older.

See you around.