Gingham Deck

Unexpected order.

I was too tired to bring everything back up the stairs yesterday after the roofers left, but it meant I was greeted with this beautiful pattern when taking Boxnoggin out for his morning potty break. Sudden order and regularity make me happy in a deep, very specific way; the precise angle of sun needed to make this is temporary, and had I come out a little earlier or later, I’d’ve missed it.

Sure, I need to clean and refinish the deck…but for the moment, I can take a deep breath and enjoy what’s already been accomplished. The roof is finished, the sprinklers are working again, my nerves are shot, but we’re crawling back up out of the abyss. Or so I hope–ever since 2016, getting to the lip of the hole has meant being kicked in the teeth and falling back in.

I keep climbing. Keep struggling, hand over hand. Clinging to the side to catch a breath, looking up to figure out the next hold. Dum spiro, spero, and all that.

Happy Friday, everyone. I hope it’ll be a good one…