Daisy, Answer, Do

Give me your answer, do…

Fighting off whatever bug the Princess brought home from work (tests say it isn’t the plague, but how can one be sure, I ask you) means no running. But I can take long rambles, with Boxnoggin and without, and I know where to find the daisies.

At least there’s that.

The social media sabbatical did me nothing but good. I think I’ll have enough spoons to stream today, which is good because someone asked me about dialogue yesterday and I apparently have Things to Say. Oh, and don’t forget the July sale(s); right now Finder is on sale until the 15th, courtesy of the publisher, and I have something scheduled for after that.

I wish you a soft, pleasant weekend, my beloveds. Try to take care of yourself, if you can. Hopefully you can find a few daisies of your own, but if not…here, have mine.