Flower Foam

Not pictured: Several drunken bees.

We’re getting waves of rainy and sunny days, which the flowers love. And what the flowers love, the bees love too.

I took this picture immediately following a punishing run the day after Bailey left. Standing on a sidewalk and crying might have garnered me some attention (maybe, ours is a very live-and-let-live neighborhood) but I took a picture as cover while whispering to the bees that she was gone. They had to be told, after all, and I didn’t have the breath while running.

Fortunately they were so busy with the azaleas, most of them merely nodded and went about their business. But after that they stopped trying to crawl into my mouth and nose. (Maybe they’re just giving me some time off.) And while I was weeding yesterday, they behaved as usual–riding on my hair, investigating my arms, tapping my cheeks. It’s disconcerting to have them bumble right into one’s face, but I suspect it’s doubly so for them.

There will be a Tea with Lili today, but it might be a short one. We’ll see if I can get through without breaking down. And I wish you all a very pleasant, hopeful, and peaceful weekend. Heaven knows we could all use a break…