Wrack and Brooding

No wonder it shook the house.

That’s just a little of the wrack from the snowstorm–several inches of heavy wet snow, in April. I know this is to be expected in some parts of the world, but not here, my beloveds. No, not here. Thanks, climate change!

And due to everyone in the neighborhood having similar problems, we simply can’t get anyone to deal with it until next week. It’s anyone’s guess whether the roof is intact, or whether it will be once all this is lifted away. Who knows?

I’m going to aim for finishing the zero draft of the werelion book this weekend. Might as well, and it’ll keep me occupied and out of trouble. I simply don’t have the strength to shift any of the remaining big branches, even with the kids’ help, and brooding about what might lie beneath the mess isn’t good for me. Plus, I’m at the point in the bookmaking process where I actively resent anything calling me away from the act of creation. (Though I do plan to do a livestream later today, there are things to talk about.)

See you next week, my dears. I’m hoping for no more wild weather, but if some occurs I might end up in the basement, scribbling in a spiral notebook by the light of an ancient flashlight.

It’s good to have a plan…