Roses, Damage, Sale

It’s a new month, and that means a new sale–or two! First up is Rose & Thunder, one of my Beauty & the Beast retellings. (I’ve…written a few.) It’s $2.99USD in ebook for the month of April–fitting, I suppose, since the heroine’s arrival means a spring of sorts for the hero. The ebook is available direct, and at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Kobo.

I think I like the fairytale so much because the Beast is basically trammeled in a tower waiting for rescue, which is normally a princess’s game. Imagining Tremont as Princess Peach amused me all during the writing–not least because my son was playing Smash Bros obsessively in the background.

My goodness, he was young then. How time flies.

The publisher is also offering Damage (book one of Ghost Squad) for $.99USD in ebook until April 15. (Tax day is gonna be great this year…) This one’s also available from Barnes & Noble, Apple, Amazon, and Kobo. ETA: This sale lasted until the 15th and is now over.

I’ve said before that this book is my love song to a particular Matthias Schoenaerts movie; I enjoyed his tamped-down, almost-silent performance a great deal. Almost as much as I liked Gosling’s in Drive, frankly, which is extremely high praise from me.

I don’t think there’s a release or anything else on the calendar, so these sales will have to hold us all through April. I’m looking forward to a month’s worth of work, and hoping I can cram it all in.

Happy Spring, my beloveds. Enjoy!