Third Spring, Avoidance

Daffodils and jonquils are blooming, the plum trees and magnolias are sporting a few blooms among their hard reddish buds, the cherry tree down the street is still flowering fitfully (it’s been doing this since early January), and the crocuses are going great guns. The earth is hitting the snooze button, as we all do, but waking up is a foregone conclusion.

Especially on a Monday.

It’s the third spring of plague. Everyone is weary, and the frustration–we could have been done with this by now, if not for the selfishness of a minority. The kids are exhausted by the constant uncertainty, and I’m not far behind. Every fresh WTFery just adds to the load, and the only mercy is that Papaya Pol Pot doesn’t have the nuke button anymore.

I find my silver linings where I can these days.

The time change1 went as well as could be expected. And of course now that we’re an hour earlier I have a thousand video meetings suddenly cropping up like mushrooms after a hard rain. Crawling under my desk with a spiral notebook and simply writing longhand is starting to seem like a good strategy–avoidance par excellence, like the Sekrit Projekt2. At least with said project I’ll have a chunk of text at the end, and I can use that text in various ways.

If I want to.

It was lovely to curl up on the couch with a book yesterday, watching bands of rain and sunshine move through. Trying not to look at the news is incredibly difficult, so I’ve my teeth sunk into a history book and am not letting go, even though it’s slow work. My concentration is shot unless I’m writing werewolves, apparently–or unless I’m trying to explain 80s cartoon openings to my kids.

Man, the animation landscape back then was wild.

…that’s pretty much all I’ve got today, my friends. I’ll be streaming later today, probably still talking about why writing is not like putting together a jigsaw puzzle and the various skills needed to build a story. Big fun, but I guess people are curious just how the sausage gets made, so to speak.

Happy beginning-of-the-week, my beloveds. I’ll have some fun news tomorrow, and don’t forget there’s a sale on HOOD’s Season One until the end of March. Space opera! Intrigue! Pretty dresses! Low-grav shenanigans!

Maybe I’m in a better mood than I thought. I’d better get the dogs walked before it fades.

Over and out.

  1. Daylight Savings Time, ugh.
  2. I have such plans for you, little story…