Office Garden

How doth the office garden grow…

I got a grow light for my office. This is the culmination of a long while (months, the kids would say, though pandemic time is exceeding fluid) spent going back and forth, wishy-washing about. But some plants just needed extra lumens, and I finally decided I might as well even if it was going to make me move furniture.

The jade plant is especially in need of rehabilitation; the angel trumpet was unhappy too. The small hen-and-chick hiding almost behind the jade plant was rescued from where it had been dropped on burning pavement during the heat dome last summer, probably by a passing kid or animal, so I brought it home and now it’s rooting nicely in a cocoanut-fibre pot. When it outgrows that I’ll sink it in a proper container.

I’m also attempting to sprout something relatively big, so there’s a gap for the moment. The lucky little cat might be buried once it starts growing, but we’ll see. Currently said little cat is waving cheerfully, encouraging the rehabilitation. It’s nice to glance over and see growing things, and also nice to take a break from the word-mines every once in a while and whisper “you can do it” to the jade plant.

There’s a box of things to be taken downstairs, and the rest of my office is in a state probably best left undescribed. Said box will probably solidify in place if I don’t deal with it forthwith. I can’t look at the news if I want to have enough energy to work, so rearranging–and contemplating green growing things–is a good substitute.

I hope you have something nice to contemplate this weekend, beloveds. Be gentle with yourselves, and each other. It’s not you–everything is messed up right now and we all need whatever small joy and safety we can find.

See you around.