Winter’s last gasp.

Woke up to a thin layer of snow yesterday; I knew we were going to get one last freeze before usual spring temperatures crept in for good. The dogs were alternately thrilled and concerned, especially Boxnoggin, who took breaks from eating the damn snow to cavort in it, and then suddenly realized it was snow and he hates it because it makes his paws cold and wet.

Then he’d go back to eating it. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Spent most of yesterday stress-knitting. Apparently the only thing I want to knit anymore is a certain shawl pattern. I’ve two shawls hanging on the back of my office chair and another in the closet; I should start giving these beasts away soon.

I’m not in a good emotional space, so I shall close this week out now. It will probably be all I can do to get the subscription stuff out the door and some wordcount today. Ever since 2016 my nerves have been fraying. Regardless, the dogs need their walk and the words must be made.

Be safe out there, my beloveds. At least, as safe as you can, given current conditions.