Sunflower Cleanse

How doth the garden grow?

I have always loved small solar bobbles like this, but never had the chance to buy any. For one reason or another, it just never happened…until recently. I saw them online and thought, well, it’s a plague, might as well get something that makes me happy.

So I did. This cheerful little fellow is in my office window. He won’t get much of a chance to dance until summer, this being the rainy Pacific Northwest, but just looking at his little face makes me smile.

It’s been a long bloody week. I had to turn blog comments off–Readers didn’t see the avalanche of harassment, trollery, and spam, because it was all trapped in the back-end queue. Going through said queue was taking more and more time on blog days, so…I ended up turning off all commenting here. There’s still social media, the contact form, the Twitch teas, and my newsletter, as well as my Discord server; there’s no shortage of Lili.

It irks me, because I love my usual (non-troll) commenters. But the past few years have emboldened malignant jackasses to a degree almost past belief–not that I ever had much trouble believing the worst of such people, having been on the ‘net almost since the beginning. Ah well.

Anyway, we’re now at Friday again, and there are little things to be happy about even in these benighted times. I wish you a sunny weekend, dear Readers, and a bit of peace. We could all sorely use some.

See you next week.