Consumable Affection

Oh, fudge.

The Princess has made her first batch of fudge for the season. This year she’s experimenting with darker chocolate–the current batch is made with 70%, and I think we could stand to go a little further–and she will also, because she loves her mother, attempt part of a batch with walnuts.

Well, she knows she’s technically capable, but she’s a purist, and considers my yen for walnuts in fudge to be just short of unholy. Kind of like raisins in challah, which I am in total agreement with her about.

She does several challah loaves with raisins each year around the holidays for her bestie, though, who adores such things. We call it “the Loaf of Sin”, because it makes us all laugh like loons. Of such things are affections made and expressed.

Have a lovely weekend, dear ones.

4 thoughts on “Consumable Affection”

  1. I love walnuts in chocolate fudge. Their crisp crunch is a nice addition to the creamy and soft fudge texture, IMO. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

    • THANK you! The texture just makes fudge more delicious, methinks. The Princess will be making me some as soon as this nut-free batch has vanished, and I will be the happiest of campers.

      I hope your holiday(s) are pleasant as well.

  2. My friend makes fudge every year too. One year she wrapped the whole pan like a Hershey bar to give to my husband. She even made a custom label.

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