Brain, Overrated

There are days when having a brain, let alone sentience, is overrated.

Yesterday was for administrivia and grocery shopping–the latter is always a joy since the pandemic arrived, isn’t it. (Yes, that’s sarcasm.) Thankfully the vast, overwhelming majority of people are now in masks, and the few covidiots who swan around with their face-holes open and breathing contagion everywhere are, one hopes, roundly shamed for their lack of empathy, common sense, and just-plain-kindness.

I ran across a Twitter thread the other day explaining Trumpists, maskholes, and covidiots from the standpoint of caste, and it explained a lot. (I don’t normally link to hellsite from here, but in this case, the thread’s so good I’m making an exception, as is my prerogative.) Particularly the bit about “the dominant caste being forced to go out of its way to protect people perceived as lower in caste is a supreme violation of caste rules.”

It’s sad. Among other words, but all I’m feeling nowadays is a great, deep sorrow.

Well, that’s not all I’m feeling, though it is the greatest component when I think about how the US refused to handle the first year of the pandemic, sinking us into a hole we still haven’t found a way out of. Hard to get out when some asshats just keep digging.

The rest of what I’m feeling is the usual post-revision slump. I got three whole manuscripts out the door last Friday, so the feeling is at least tripled, though I feel there’s a solid case for its strengthening exponentially with each book ushered through the gates of Editor’s Email. Consequently, I’m on a rollercoaster of emotional flailing. My brain keeps insisting its absolute inability to settle on anything means I’m broken or lazy, while the faint voice of sanity (or something like it) keeps insisting that I sent three goddamn books out in one day and it’s a miracle I’m still coherent, much less attempting to work.

I know this is just the usual post-revision stuff, dialed up to eleven as a function of scale. The cure is simple, though not easy; it consists of both getting all the stuff I said “I’ll get this done when I send these books in” actually done, and stuffing a great deal of fresh content into my head to refill the artistic well.

There has to be grist for the mill to do its job, after all.

Now it’s time to finish chewing on peanut-butter toast and walk the dogs. They won’t like me leaving to run other errands–lockdown was absolutely fantastic for them–but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. Even in pre-plague times it was very rare for them to be left home alone, and they like that rarity reduced to zero. Alas, things aren’t quite so simple. They’ll endure.

Before I go, though–what are you watching/reading nowadays, my beloveds? I know what I’m pouring into my head, but I’m interested in what you’re doing. Tell me all about it.

10 thoughts on “Brain, Overrated”

  1. I haven’t watched anything new in years. Well that’s a bit of a lie, I finally watched Atomic Blonde and was supremely entertained by Charlize kicking ass and James being properly grey in morals. Reading has been a bit hit and miss for me of late. I did enjoy Helen Hoang’s The Kiss Quotient series. Been replaying some of my favorite games: Mass Effect LE and started Dragon Age back up. I did play through AC Odyssey and Valhalla this year with much glee involved when getting to beat baddies down with bladed weapons.

  2. Well… I’m not watching much (a little bit of Star Wars: Rebels before bed last night, and that’s pretty much it for the last two weeks) but I have, miraculously, kept reading. Currently, I’m in the middle of L.E. Modesitt Jr.’s Quantum Shadows, which… isn’t my favorite of his, so far, but it’s still well-built and enjoyable. Before that, I dipped into the Romance genre for a short novella called A Sweet Yuletide, which was well done but desperately in need of proofreading, and before that I went back to some classic horror with Harry Adam Knight’s Slimer. So, I’m basically all over the place right now, and my reading reflects that.

    I love this time of year.
    (NARRATOR VOICE: He does not love this time of year.)

    I’ve gone back to try and refresh my grasp of Spanish — I used to be conversational, if not fluent — and try to learn German at the same time, both using Duolingo; and a little nagging voice keeps asking if the boys are finally old enough that I could maybe get back into martial arts… except, y’know, global pandemic. But mostly, I’m trying (with limited success) to get my sleep schedule back to some semblance of regularity — of all things, that’s the one that does the most to refill the well for me.

  3. Traveling (as safely as I can) with hubs, we listened to Robert Heinlein’s Methuselah’s Children and Green Hill of Earth. We’ve both read these several times but in times like these, the familiar feels best.
    On TV, I am my usual–watch at least half the new episodes on ABC, etc, and catch up on TWDU. And I’m surprisingly drawn to The Rebel Princess on PBS. Totally unexpected as I’m not drawn to Chinese-set historical romances and subtitles are a strain on my eyes, but I’m enthralled by the personal growth of the heroine and her love story with the dreamy warrior hero.
    Next up on the audiobook list is AFTERWAR.
    And lastly, give yourself a break!!! I mean, THREE DAMN BOOKS (EVEN EDITS) OUT ON ONE DAY. Dayum!

    • I’ve been porridge-brained for most of the week, recovering slowly. I hope your travels go smoothly and safely; I should look up the Rebel Princess. I love Chinese-set historical romances.

  4. Comfort re-reading Gail Carriger’s gay romances, because they are so snarky and shiny and fluffy with a solid chewy core. Her San Andreas Shifters series is also hilarious.
    3 Books out the door? You deserve All The Cookies! Nice job!

  5. If the mail weren’t so slow, I’d send you chocolate and cinnamon chip cookies for getting three books out in one day.

    I’ve been watching Pride and Prejudice in preparation for another project (Colin Firth version, of course) and re-watching Friends. As for books, I’m currently alternating between Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar and Hope Never Dies.

    Also awaiting the second season of The Witcher to drop on Friday.

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