Before the (Holiday) Plunge

Blogging will be kind of spotty between now and the New Year, my friends. I’m…tired.

In any case, it’s Christmas Adam (we call it that because it comes before Christmas Eve, har de har har, old joke, STILL FUNNY) and I’m taking a deep breath before one of the most stressful events of the year–and that’s saying something, given how 2020 and 2021 have both turned out.

There’s a lot to be grateful for, but I just want some rest. If I could sleep until January 1, I would not mind a single bit; for one thing, it seems like a great way to make a dent in ever-mounting pandemic exhaustion.

Alas, it’s not an option, either biologically (having to get up to wee rather destroys the plan, no matter how tight-knit said plan is otherwise) or practically (the kids, not to mention the dogs, would be Quite Unnerved). So we struggle on, boats against the current and all that.

I hope you have a lovely holiday, beloveds. I hope it is full of good things to eat, low to no stress, and all the things you want but nothing you don’t. I may be about before the year turns over, or I might not. I suppose I’m saying “don’t expect much”, and if that isn’t a bumper sticker for the past couple years, I don’t know what is.

See you around.

4 thoughts on “Before the (Holiday) Plunge”

  1. I hope you do get a chance to rest, though, or at least take it easy as you move through the holidays. (“Just relax!” calls the guide, as the kayak slips ineluctable into the rapids…)

    We’re off to an okay start over here: I got the booster on Wednesday, and then spent Thursday recovering from it by basically just sitting in a chair and playing Skyrim all day. Things Got Done, but they were very low-key, minimal-necessities kinds of things.

    Also… um… look, I know what became of the series and why, but your site is showing me the cover for The Collected Adventures of Bannon & Clare, and… well… okay, another book is too much to hope for but could we maybe have a cute little domestic Christmas short? I just want to see that household make its way through the holidays… (No, Mikal, Boxing Day is not dedicated to mandatory pugilism, calm yourself please.)

    • Emma loves Yule, and chooses small, highly expensive, tasteful gifts for everyone. Pico makes a habit of pickpocketing all the servants, wrapping the resultant articles, and then presenting them with a cheeky grin all during Advent. (Ludovico, of course, spent Christmas Day at mass and the rest of the time eating Cook’s puddings while snarling at Protestants.) Clare, of course, picks very odd gifts for reasons known only to himself, and each one mystifies the receiver. (One year he gave Emma socks.) His friend Siggy brings lovely mechanical toys which don’t quite work as they should. Severine fusses over the tree, of course, and she and Finch have a running feud over who can decorate the entire house “best”–which Emma graciously chooses not to notice unless a single ornament works its way into her solarium, which is Quite Inappropriate, Thank You.

      Mikal has very little use for the whole holiday, except to be grateful it occasionally slows his Prima down. But come Christmas morn, there is always–always–a brown paper parcel at Emma’s bedside, with a stack of newly published, exceedingly salacious novels inside. When she thanks him, he simply shakes his head and heads for the kitchen to see if Cook has any pudding left…

      • What a lovely comment to wake up to this morning! Thank you for a snippet of the Bannon household’s holiday!

        I do sympathize with the exhaustion. I’m having my own issues with hormone-related insomnia. After sleeping eighteen hours straight, I feel almost normal again. Luckily, I have someone who can deal with Princess Bella’s needs while I’m indisposed. Tiny dog = tiny bladder.

        Have a wonderful weekend!

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