Hope Eternal, Dog

I know I keep posting pics of Boxnoggin. I can’t help it. He’s just so photogenic, truly a handsome boi.

This is our favorite square-headed canine attempting to drill a hole through me with his gaze, all in service of gaining a bite of my fiery chicken curry. Despite me telling him he would absolutely not like the result, he is bound and determined, because hope springs eternal in the soul (and the stomach) of Dog.

He did not get any fiery chicken curry, but he did get to split a treat biscuit with Miss B after I was finished with lunch.

What can I say? I’m a sucker.

I’m exhausted, coughing, and fatigued. Can’t tell if it’s allergies, plague, flu, or just the last year and a half finally coming home to roost in my poor corpus, but whatever it is, I spent most of yesterday in bed and am about to repeat the trick today. Wish me luck, and remember: Mask up, wash your hands, and hydrate. We’re not out of the woods yet. Far from.

7 thoughts on “Hope Eternal, Dog”

  1. Good luck! Hope it’s just allergies.

    (“Just” allergies. Sheesh. A bit worrisome when something that can completely floor you gets dismissed with a casual “just”, because the other possibilities are worse.)

  2. Take care of yourself. Wish I could send you some Jewish grandmother’s chicken soup (although I’d have to find a Jewish grandmother first).
    BTW, I can *see* Boxnoggin’s 3rd eye chakra focused entirely on you!

  3. To our furbabies, all hooman food is good! Else our hoomans wouldn’t be eating, right?

    For your sake, I do hope it is allergies. Not that I wish misery on any fellow allergy sufferer. But the plague is a Cthulu-awful alternative. I had my vaccine three weeks ago today, but with a grandbaby on the way, I still mask, wash, and distance.

    • Soon the Prince and I will be able to get our vaccines. Or at least, that’s the hope–we’ll be able to fight for appointments, which isn’t quite the same thing, but…

      • Please battle for those vaccines! The Prince and Princess need you, though they may not always want to admit it at certain ages.

        And I selfishly want Viking werewolves. *smile*

      • I’m just waiting for universal vaccine availability. They’re giving appointments on the honor system now, and it would be easy to jump the queue, but…it wouldn’t be right. I’m just crossing my fingers and hoping it’ll all soon open up and we can get our jabs.

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