Knitting Weekend

The weekend was almost as exhausting as the week it closed out, wasn’t it. Whew.

But it also held good things, and this morning I want to focus on the good things. On Saturday I decided to do something I’ve never done before, and livestreamed a bit on Twitch. It wasn’t much–just me sitting, knitting, bitching, and answering questions from the chat. There were a lot of questions about writing, and a lot of me staring blankly because I couldn’t think of anything to say. I am told I have a restful voice, though.

It was an interesting experience. I intend to have some regular Saturday sessions, only for as long as it’s fun. I’ve promised myself the power to can the whole experiment the moment it becomes un-fun. it was nerve-wracking and exhausting but also cool to get Reader questions in realtime, though I’m sure my frequent digressions are maddening.

Come Sunday, there was a full day of chores, and finally I could settle with more knitting and Secrets of Great British Castles, which was fun to binge and deeply interesting. (There was a lot of knitting this weekend.) Of course I did a lot of doomscrolling, too.

I can barely look away.

Still, it’s Monday, which means work. There are copyedits to get done, and the last thing on the master to-do list hanging over my desktop–finishing the zero of HOOD‘s Season Three–to strike off. I have been waffling about what serial to do next. It might be Division Seven, it might be the story spurred by my Sapphire & Steel binge… I am also thinking about whether or not I want to try The Highlands War as a serial, but the chance of someone being pissy and torrenting chapters, thereby killing the entire series all over again, is not really one I want to run.

Before I get started on that, though…

Last Thursday I blogged about cookies and the fascist rioters storming the US Capitol. I woke up this morning to find a commenter (who has apparently had comments approved here before, which is how this particular one got through the mod queue) taking issue with my loathing of fascists, and telling me I had LOST a READER because of it.

I shall repeat my response here, so there is absolutely no confusion, grey area, or lack of clarity: GOOD. If my loathing of racists and fascists means you won’t buy my books, GREAT. I do not want you or your money. Off is the direction in which you may fuck.

I am deeply and genuinely baffled that this commenter thought they’d get any other response. At least it gives me the chance to be absolutely clear about where I stand. And that, as they say, is that.

I’m doing my best to focus on the good things–the dogs thrilled to be embarking on another day of adventures and snuggles, the kids going about their own lives full of daily victories and setbacks to share, books to write, knitting to do, friends to cheer on and console, the cedars at the back fence to talk to, a run to accomplish, coffee to drink, the prospect of lunch, the fact that I’m still breathing. There are good things still, and things worth fighting for.

Gods grant I don’t forget it.

So, to end in a more pleasant place, what good/fun things are happening in your slice of the world? Tell me all about it, if you’ve a mind to–no matter how small. Tiny victories are still victories, indeed.

After all, we’re still here. And I think that’s grand.

11 thoughts on “Knitting Weekend”

  1. OK, so this is apropos of absolutely nothing but from your books I’m guessing that you have at least a passing interest in pottery and you always seem to be needing decompression activities so have you caught any of the Great Pottery Thrown Down – like the bake off but pottery? It’s a bit contrived but kind of charming and the fourth series just started in the UK and I’m watching it while reading your blog and – anyway, there seemed to be a connection. Sorry to bother you, very sorry I missed the knitting, hopefully I’ll get it next time. Best regards, Jeanette.

    • I love pottery! I took a class in high school and fell in love with the potter’s wheel. I haven’t seen the Great Pottery Throwdown but now that I know it exists, I’ll be looking for it.

      • Another vote for the Great Pottery Throwdown. I am not a huge fan of pottery but I am a huge fan of people making things with their own hands!
        Also, The Repair Shop is very soothing as well. Watching talented people repairing customers treasures. Lovely.
        Then there is the Great British Sewing Bee. The first season wasn’t the best but it has improved since then.
        Thus ends my recommendations of Brit shows.

  2. THIS is why I LOVE reading your blog posts and your books! You are amazing and upfront .. I hope your troll has trodden off to their little land of self praising and left the rest of the world alone.

    My happy addictions are Good books, Knitting, crocheting, cooking and oh wait.. Pottery and glass work. 🙂

    Are you by chance going to be doing any more Dante Valentine style Characters? She is my favorite.. starting to re-read the series.

    Have a Blessed week!

    ~ Wendy

    • Pottery seems to be the theme of the week around here. I haven’t been able to focus on cooking for a while, though, other than comfort food. The Princess has been on a mad baking binge, which I suppose takes the place of doing it myself–plus I get to eat the results, too, which is glorious.

    • Oh, I have a ten year old daughter who wants to be a glassblower, not kidding, an old neighbour turned out to be a HUGELY influential glassblower and she became completely addicted. Can you imagine how amazing it would be to say ‘my daughter’s a glassblower?’ Probably just a pipe dream (glassblowing joke!) but it’s nice to imagine and she’s been dead set for over two years now, so who knows. There’s actually an American glassblowing show on Netflix that she loved, Blown Away (it is hard to do glassblowing casually! So watch it instead). And talking of Netflix, what about that swearing show where Nicholas Cage quotes Catullus? There ARE good things in the world, unfortunately too many of them are TV based since we can’t get a dog (the rescue centres only have the traumatised dogs left since everyone want dogs in quarantine times, and traumatised dogs aren’t allowed to go to homes with kids.) At the moment, my daughter is depressed about the fact that she is more likely to become a glassblower than get a dog.

      I’m very sorry Lili, I have written any number of comments over the years but deleted them all because I know it is horribly boring to have to wade through this nonsense but it seems that lockdown has led to me shouting on the internet. I’ll go now. Jeanette

      • Glassblowers are TOUGH, man. We used to have a glassblowing pipe around the house (for home defense) and it was a Serious Piece of Hardware.

        I just binged Season Two of The Mandalorian yesterday. It’s good to have fiction to help us get through all this. TV, for all its faults, can also be a useful and helpful tool.

      • Jeanette, have her go to Youtube and look up Corning Museum of Glass 🙂 she can watch glassblowers and flame work artists for HOURS 🙂 . I have dabbled with blowing glass and have done flame work also.

        PS, They also do LIVE shows from time to time 😀

  3. I adore crocheting in the winter months. It’s a soothing activity while the fireplace flickers and I catch up on movies and TV shows. Now that the great move is finished, and I’ve turned in January’s work to the appropriate people, I hope to finish the afghan I started five years ago.

    (Hot flashes and the constructing of afghans do not mix. LOL)

    • I have never been able to crochet, oddly. I prefer knitting, and am always a little in awe of crocheters. The Princess likes it, though, and loves to crochet “roses.” She finds it ultra soothing.

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