A Tired Boxnoggin

This is the face of a dog who is Very Tired because someone keeps letting off fireworks at midnight in our neighborhood. You can feel the “for fuck’s sake” energy coming off the image, can’t you? I certainly can. All our quadrupeds need a lot of pets and soothing lately.

Tomorrow is the Fourth, and I’m not looking forward to the malignant nationalism, the rampant drunk driving, or the asshats setting off illegal artillery. I am looking forward to eating a whole lot of tasty things with the kids and reading some history, drinking tea, and putting out our big ol’ flag prominently featuring the entire planet instead of the abstract colors of a single nation.

Nobody will notice, but I’ll feel better.

Thankfully we have some anti-anxiety medication for the quadrupeds of our household, which they’ll start on around noon tomorrow since we know from experience that’s when the scattered booms generally begin. At least we have better living through chemistry to help our poor pets.

I wish you a quiet, happy Fourth, my friends, full of good food. And I’m going to try to be hopeful that something will change in the near future and I’ll have a country I can be proud of.

Dum spiro, spero, and all that. Hope is an agony, but I suppose I have to engage in it. The alternative’s frankly too terrifying to contemplate.

Over and out.