Fair Warning

Apparently I have “arrived”, to some small degree, since over the weekend I was the recipient of quite a few bot-written emails telling me I’m “too political” and have “lost readers” because of it. Well, either those emails were bot-written or more than one subliterate fascist mouthbreather with exactly the same knee-jerk misspellings and right-wing buzzword addictions decided to hit my contact form at exactly the same time from masked IPs.

Hilarious, isn’t it.

Assuming for one moment these were written by a real human being instead of a bot, I decided to make a public statement. Here it is again, just for clarity:

So if you’re emailing me with “you’ve lost me as a reader, you’re too political,” let me just answer you publicly: I don’t write for fascist white supremacist asshats. Go with your tiny god, I am singularly untroubled by your absence. Besides, I suspect you pirate content instead of buying honestly anyways, because cowardly thieves are all of a piece.

What I said on Twitter, and I meant it.

I’m repeating it here because my tweets are deleted after a certain amount of time (Jack Dorsey doesn’t get to mine my content for more than a short while, dammit) and so there is absolutely no grey area or confusion about where I stand.

No story is “apolitical”, and if you think it is, it’s only because you share prejudices with the writer. Human beings are political beings; artists transmute their daily lives into art and make no mistake, politics are a part of daily life. Politics affect schooling, the availability of food, whether or not a particular person will be targeted by violent law enforcement or COINTELPRO, the availability of healthcare, and a host of other inescapable facets of modern life.

If you side with violent repression, if you side with white supremacy, if you side with hatred and bigotry, you’re not going to like me or my books. Consider this fair and explicit warning. Also, attempting to threaten or “shame” me will only get you roundly mocked. Go sit in your dirty racist diaper and howl elsewhere, you’re doing this to yourself and I have no sympathy.

Everything is on fire right now, and I have to work. I have the luxury of still having work, and of being able to shut off the wi-fi and concentrate–if I can, I suspect it will be difficult for a long while. Of course I’d love to be a superhero, or impersonate one out on the streets, but that’s not my lane. My lane is my books, to tell stories, to tell the truth with fiction and not to look away, and to use whatever privilege and platform I personally have to boost those voices which might not have either.

If this angers you, if this makes you want to avoid my books or my blog or my social media streams, that’s fine. I’m not forcing you to read me. There’s a vast mass of content out there, I’m very sure you’ll find something that suits you.

I will not stop doing–and saying–what I know is right. I’m also not going to stop writing romance, fantasy, sci-fi, or any other genre I damn well please. If that’s a problem for you, there’s the door. If it isn’t, great! Come on in, grab a digital drink, and I’ll keep telling stories.

And that, as they say, is that. Onwards to Monday, my friends.

6 thoughts on “Fair Warning”

  1. You tell ’em, dear! Thanks for being the kind of person that will stand up and point out the wrongs we (our country and culture) are perpetuating.
    I am so tired of the same old (expletive deleted) coming out of the same old idiots. At least many of them are old. They might die before I do. (I am old, too.)
    I have hope that they are not replaced with the same small minded racist goblins that we have now. Time will tell.

  2. This is why I love your work and why you are in top 3 favorite authors!!! Keep up the good work!

  3. A writer doesn’t have to be as well-known as you to get the shitbirds. But I figure if my stories are “SJW feminist propaganda” then I’m doing something right.

    And keep doing what you’re doing because I love you just the way you are. {{{HUGS}}}

  4. I love your honest straight forward attitude! I love your writing and your integrity to your core values. I will keep reading your thoughts because they help fill my soul and spark my my mind to think. I am not a great writer, but I am a voracious reader who devours your words. Thank you for standing up and being true to yourself.

  5. I found you through amazon while looking for a new book to read. I saw the beginning of this “blog post” accompanying your book list and came here to read its entirety. I’m buying the Jill Kismet complete series on kindle, site unseen, because of this posting alone. The series is my preferred genre and i’m sure i’ll love it just from this small peek at who you are as a person.

    Best Wishes,
    Michael V. Peacock

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