Crowding, Research

Sometimes it gets a little crowded at night, between two dogs who absolutely can’t rest unless they’re on me, Khan, and whatever book I’ve fallen asleep face-down in. Earlier this week I went to make my bed–and found that Khan had been sneaking glimpses at the current read.

I told him he didn’t have to sneak, I’d tuck his research in with him and he could spend the day absorbing at leisure. Then, because I couldn’t resist, I inquired why he had chosen this particular book. (Usually his tastes are more genre fiction and cozy mystery.)

He said that since my dreams have been a little rough lately he was brushing up on a few of the basics, like the mighty protector he is. I nodded and went about tucking him in as usual.

Then I went downstairs and hid some of the technical manuals, just to be safe. He doesn’t need to know how to build a rocket launcher; I brought up his favorite mystery series and arranged them by the bedside in case he gets tired of dry logistic-speak.

Sometimes, protectors need protecting too.

Have a good weekend, my friends. Look out for each other, okay?