Spores, Math, Pixies

If you look closely, you can see the fairy ring. Of course I know it’s spores and math… and yet, I can’t help but see pixies dancing, too.

It was the strangest thing; our yard didn’t have visible mushrooms–and certainly never had rings of them–until after I finished writing Gallow & Ragged. Then, as soon as we got some good rain, mycelium circles were fricking everywhere, and the urge to leave a dish of milk out during the nail-paring of a new moon was well-nigh irresistible.

Sometimes I wonder about this career of mine. Whether it’s magic or just plain selective attention is academic, though. The real point is, I’m not going to stop writing–not while I’m breathing. Maybe that commitment catches the gaze of a few things better left alone.

Still… the Folk like the mad, and they love bards. I can’t really sing anymore, but I’ve an endless well of stories to tell. Good enough.

Have a lovely weekend, my dears. And remember, should you hear the click of high heels behind you on a dark road, and the scratch of very large golden hound’s nails…

…don’t look back. Just keep moving. Or if you must look back, remember to be kind, and to ask no questions you don’t truly want answers to.

3 thoughts on “Spores, Math, Pixies”

  1. Good morning. I don’t think it’s your imagination because I see the fairy ring as well. It’s not just spores, sometimes the things we want to believe in are the things that allow us to continue forward.
    Have a good day!

  2. I have a question which I’m hoping you will answer. I’m curious if you will be writin and more Bannon and Claire stories or have you moved on from that? Thanks Lourdes

    • Hello Lourdes! What a lovely name.

      Unfortunately, the publisher didn’t like the sales numbers for Bannon & Clare. There was another trilogy planned–Bannon & Clare go to China, Bannon & Clare go to America (and Jack and Cat from The Damnation Affair would show up in that book) and Bannon & Clare go to India, where we find out exactly what Mikal is and what his plans for Emma were. I wish I could have written them. Maybe one day, if I get some sweet sweet film option money, I’ll have the time and resources.

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