No Snow, But Hope

I was told snow was in the offing, but it ended up being a nonevent. If any did fall, it was gone by the time I hauled myself wearing from my Monday morning bed.

At least I got some good rest over the weekend, for once. I tossed out my to-do list on Saturday, which meant I was liberated from most of my Sunday chores. (Not really, but I felt liberated.) I ended up doing them anyway because I let like it, but I also got one of the grapevines moved to its new home.

February means the garden needs attention again, so I’ll have dirt under my fingernails on a daily basis. I even have the energy this year to get a couple things in the ground, which is a welcome change. I think it comes from disengaging from a lot of social stuff. One can’t create in a vacuum, but one also can’t create with the world crashing in every five seconds to spray one with a firehose of raw sewage.

I did not get the proofing done that I wanted to, but I needed the time for my body and brain to cycle down a bit. The proofing system’s been changed to include new hardware, so I’m probably refraining until I have enough spare brain-cycles for a learning curve.

The house still smells like garlic, tomatoes, and fresh bread from yesterday’s red sauce. Our dinner guests bailed, so we have so much red sauce, but that’s fine. I froze some of it, the rest we’ll eat for about half the week. Thankfully, the kids like every single iteration of it I’ve been able to come up with–baked pasta, regular pasta tossed in the sauce, fresh bread and fried eggs with the sauce. Next time I should add capers and olives; the kids don’t like mushrooms.

I keep telling them “mushrooms are hobbit favorites” but the Little Prince fixed me with an arch look the other day and said, “Mum, I can’t be a hobbit, I’m taller than you now. Don’t worry,” he added hastily, “I know you brought me into the world, you can still take me out, and all that.”

That busted us both up pretty good. I couldn’t stop chuckling for about a half-hour after that. Still… well, the goal is to raise them to be reasonable adults, not to have them little and dependent forever. It’s just weird to look up one day and realize the tiny thing you carried for ten lunar months is now TALLER THAN YOU.

I’ve today’s Soundtrack Monday post to arrange, tomorrow’s free writing post to get together, dogs to walk, and all the business of a Monday to embark upon, but I think I’ll set a timer and just breathe for a few minutes before I begin. Kitchen timers aren’t just for wordcount, you know.

And who knows? There might be some pretty snow that doesn’t turn the roads into a slop-melting fiasco. It’s getting closer to spring, the snowdrops are out, the cherry down the road is still in its robe, laughing at the rest of us slow sleepyheads.

We may have survived winter after all.