Monday Capabilities

Well, the holidays are officially officially over and it’s back to work. Which means Miss B has turned her nose up at her brekkie, though I can hear her tummy rumbling from where she lounges resentfully in my office, and further means that I somehow forgot, in my first attempt at making coffee, that I needed to actually put ground coffee in my Bialetti.

In short, it’s a goddamn Monday.

I’m not too worried about B–every once in a while, a dog just doesn’t want to eat kibble at a particular moment. She’s not going to starve and there’s nothing wrong with her, she just wants human food instead of kibble and wet, and she’s not going to get it. Both dogs sometimes disdain breakfast until after walkies.1

I’m looking over the list of Things to Do Today and internally weeping. I think Past Me was extremely generous in her assessment of my Monday capabilities. There’s the top to bottom revision on The Poison Prince to begin now that all the fresh scenes are written, there’s the upcoming “three things about characters” post for Tuesday’s Haggard Feathers, a Soundtrack Monday post to prep, the day’s Latin lesson2 to stamp into the ground, and the ever-popular walkies for said dogs.

Which are going to be fun, since it’s a somewhat stormy day. No lightning, but rain and a bit of wind, so the cedars are tossing their arms with damp glee. Both Sir Boxnoggin and Miss B will be beside themselves the entire way through their walk; neither like the wind’s invisible fingers touching their hindquarters. Miss B will dislike the wind taking liberties with her skirts, Boxnoggin will be verklempt at the rain and prancing to keep his delicate paws high and dry.

In short, they’re both going to be unlivable, and I think I’ll temporarily put off Boxnoggin’s harness training for runs alongside his human. It’s too much to ask him to focus on two things at a time–running properly alongside me and ignoring the rain. Dogs, like very young humans, do better when you set them up to succeed instead of fail.

I woke up with the strange urge to listen to Lucifer Rising, so that’s what’s going to be playing while I work for a little while. When it gets a little brighter, I’ll be out the door, but for right now, there’s coffee (finally! I remembered to put the ground stuff in! a small victory, but victory nonetheless!) and a few more things to do.

Mondays. I never quite get the hang of them until they’re almost over. At least there’s the finish line to look forward to, no matter what else happens today.

  1. So please, “helpful” scaremongering about “what could be wrong???” is unwelcome and unnecessary. Thank you.
  2. Duolingo’s finally got Latin up and running, which is AMAZING and the thing I was waiting before I paid for a subscription…