Always a Trace

I don’t know what bird was laying eggs this late in the season, but one of said eggs ended up spread all over the concrete. You see the result, after squirrels, crows, a hawk, several neighborhood cats, and dogs have thoroughly investigated.

It’s moments like this that I understand Locard’s Principle best. You’d think with that kind of traffic, so many predators and scavengers visiting, that all evidence would be erased. Not so! There is always a trace remaining, waiting for the proper technology, science, or intuition to unlock the rest of the case.

Poor thing. The innards provided warmth to some other creatures, and the shell will provide minerals. Nothing is ever really wasted, impermanence is permanent, and yet I can’t help but feel some pity.

(Also, I’m back after finishing the zero for Finder’s Watcher; did you miss me?)