Soundtrack Monday: Oo-de-Lally

I’m finishing up the zero draft of HOOD‘s Season Two this week, so this Soundtrack Monday will reflect that. HOOD owes a great deal to many retellings but the sheer zany joy of Disney’s is what I return to when the others get too bleak, and I often find myself humming pieces while I write. Chiefly Oo-de-Lally, of course, Alan-a-Dale as a strutting, gittern-plucking rooster enchanted me as a child.

I can still hear Little John, each time I see a feathered cap or a longbow–Pretty hard to laugh, hangin’ there, Rob. Or Prince John, moaning Mama!; Sir Hiss the snake minister fills me with both hilarity and dark foreboding. Fortunes forecast, lucky charms!

I also sang Robin and Marian’s theme to the kids often as a lullaby, while rocking in an old squeaky chair I had also rocked my sisters in. (Love, it seems like only yesterday…) But today, it’s Oo-de-Lally all the way, especially since I have to figure out what Robb gets caught for to end Season Two.

If you’re curious, I have a whole playlist for the serial. It’ll change as we head into Season Three, of course–the whole game is getting more serious, and Marah’s faced with a jailbreak (Giz and Alladal may have to team up for that one) and having to rescue King Richard (who has hopefully learned a lesson or two about haring off when he’s needed at home, kthxbai) to boot.

All in all, Season Three will be a challenge of the sort I like best. But for today, it’s a musical interlude with a singing rooster, a pair of foxes, a wolf in a doublet, and anything else the stew inside my head bubbles over with.

Oo-de-lally indeed. Golly, what a day.

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  1. As a child of the eighties (OK, in the eighties), we didn’t have a VCR (or colour tv) for many years, cinema trips were a rarity and blah blah blah so our introduction to Robin Hood was through an LP which we played and played and played (using our state of the art record player which changed sides for you, so cool), even when the vinyl warped and a chunk got taken out of the outside so we had to skip the first ten minutes or so on each side. Actually watching the thing many years later was a big damn revelation. Those little kids were rabbits! One of them had glasses! Friar Tuck’s helpers were mice! But Robin Hood was still hot as balls. Unhealthy attraction to animated anthropomorphic manifestations, oh yeah. Similar experiences with Cats, Starlight Express, Chess, Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat (huh, that’s a lot of Lloyd-Webber, my mum was consistent in her tastes), but Robin Hood was ours. Aaaand, that’s my sense memory dump for the day, I thank you.

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