Soundtrack Monday: Measuring Cups

Strange Angels

I’m not a huge Andrew Bird fan. Some of his stuff is just confusing for the sake of confusion, and that irritates me.

And yet Measuring Cups came across my musical radar just at the right time while I was writing Dru dealing with the bullshit that is high school, especially for kids who have nonstandard problems. It’s what would be playing over a montage of Dru in the halls of a normal high school, dodging jocks and rolling her eyes at teachers.

The teacher Dru inadvertently almost hexes to death is a composite of three separate educational “professionals” I had the bad luck to encounter from middle to high school. Of course, I’m sure I was a treasure myself–too smart for my own good, highly verbal, with a hideous home life and a penchant for both mischief and coming to school hungover.

Anyway, sometimes a song comes along at exactly, but exactly the right moment. And this was one.

I am toying with the idea of a sequel series to Strange Angels, and am waiting to see if my agent wants sample chapters. It might be something I do as a serial if I can’t get a publisher to pony up, but that takes planning and my plate’s full today.

Still… it’s nice to dream. Just as long as you’re not dreaming of owls and winged snakes, I guess.