If It Fits…

I was chopping up (for recycling purposes) the box my new desktop came in, and Sir Boxnoggin, Lord van der Sploot, was extremely interested. He is somewhat of a feline canine, if one can be said to exist: If it fits, he sniffs; if he sniffs, he sploots.

And then he returns to canine: If he fits, sniffs, and sploots, it’s time to CHEW.

Fortunately I rescued the box before he could consume more than a token fragment of cardboard. Gods only know what this dog would eat if I wasn’t constantly watching him. He’s like Odd Trundles 2.0, but of Slightly Bigger Brain.

Enjoy your weekend, my dears. And remember: every once in a while, we all need to destroy a box just for the sheer joy of it.