Monday, Always Behind

Well, I’m awake, though I didn’t get the one damn thing I wanted to this weekend. I have a book hanging fire and waiting for feedback, but the amount of cooking that had to be done (mostly by the Princess, who was attending a couple different events this weekend that required culinary offerings) meant more than the usual cleaning, and I got a wild hare yesterday about making chile verde con cerdo from a Cook’s Illustrated recipe.

Consequently, I had no time to settle on the couch with some pleasurable reading, by far my favorite part of any weekend. Which means I’m going to take a couple hours this afternoon, turn off the wireless, and dive in.

But before that, I have the morning run and wordcount to get handled. I may not be able to play hooky with Wangsty Dracula today; HOOD needs some attention. The gala fête is about to begin, Marah’s got to get dressed, Giz needs to make some preparations, Bookman Trick needs a gentle goose to activate his long-dormant courage (well, he is brave, he just doesn’t think so) and, as a cowardly prince once said, there’s Guilder to frame for it.

I’m swamped.

The Valentine giveaway is still going strong! Once it ends there will be a private giveaway for newsletter subscribers. (If you haven’t signed up, here’s a link.) Plus I need to get the subscription stuff for the week ready.

*sigh* It was really tasty chile verde, but it’s set me far behind. At least it’s a Monday; I’m always behind on a Monday. Never could quite get the hang of them.

I wish you better luck, dear Reader. Onwards and upwards we go.