Loose Ends, Hot Work

Upgraded the workbeast to Catalina yesterday. It took almost two hours, and now almost all the things I love about Macs have been made more difficult to access.

Most of all I’m missing iTunes. I could see hiving off the podcasts into their own app, but the appeal of iTunes was that I could see all my media–movies, music, TV shows–in the same place without waiting for another. damn. app. to start up. This was a bad move on Apple’s part.

*sigh* Ah well. At least Scrivener still works, and so does Word. Vellum’s been updated and is putting out the .mobi format once again, so it feels almost like a victory in the midst of despair.

I meant to get a lot more done on HOOD than I did, yesterday. I ended up playing even more hooky with 3k of Wangsty Dracula, and good Lord but these characters love to talk. I’m going to have to cut half the witty dialogue to make this story move anywhere.

I think part of the problem is I’m working on the thing that interests me–Drac and his reincarnated girlfriend–and only putting in markers for the hunters and conspiracy surrounding them. I’ll kick myself for it later when I have to go back and weave in the loose ends, but for right now I’ll work on what’s hot. I can afford a day or two of working on what pleases me before I get back to the slog.

And it is going to be a slog; I’m in the doldrums of a second book in a trilogy, and that means endless struggling through squelching mud. Dry land rises imperceptibly at first, and I may be closer to the story breaking free and running than I thought… but I’m not betting on it.

Anyway, the dogs need a turn around the block, and I need some time on the treadmill. That will shake everything loose. But first, coffee. I don’t want to attempt anything uncaffeinated today. On that path lies danger.

It’s only Tuesday. This week’s gonna be a lulu.

Over and out…